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Lost in a dream, finally it seems,
Emptiness and everlasting madness,
See the sadness grow, watching as we know,
Long before our journey for the world,
Call for us, the power in all of us,
So far beyond the blackened sky tonight...
Glorious, forever more in us,
We are victorious, and so alive.

We'll all find our sacrifice tomorrow,
Our journey on towards a brighter day,
Silent tears we left behind, still so far away,
Across the endless sands,
Through the fields of our despair,
Free for all eternity, we stand, yeah,
Rise above the universe tonight,

Fly towards the storm, see the world reborn,
Feel the pain inside the voice of sorrow,
Cross the distant shores, find the open door,
Stand alone, in judgment for tomorrow.

Years of pain still haunt us all, we saw the last sunrise,
Take me home, in freedom, for a lifetime...
Pray now for the silence, and the last tears we'll cry
So glorious, this fire inside, united we stand.

And we'll all find our sacrifice tomorrow,
Until the end towards a brighter day,
Silent tears we left behind, still so far away,
Across the endless sands,
Through the fields of our despair,
Free for all eternity, we stand, yeah,
Rise above the universe tonight,

Free from this world, here for the last time,
Oceans collide inside of us all,
Believe who we are,
The phoenix will guide us,
Freedom will rise once again.

Save us tonight, the last hope for all of us,
Light-years gone by, we're still holding on,
Save us tonight, a star shines in all of us,
Far beyond our lives, still our glory lives on.

And we'll all find our sacrifice tomorrow,
Until the end towards a brighter day,
Silent tears we left behind, still so far away,
Across the endless sands,
Through the fields of our despair,
Free for all eternity, we stand, yeah,
Rise above the universe tonight,

Our kingdom come, we stand as one,
And we will live for always evermore

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Not necessarily religious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/12

If you look at the theme of their songs, they are all about mythical, almost video game type scenarios. The song is just about people fighting oppression and is very general. It's just wishful thinking to think it is about religion.

read the title | Reviewer: ab ecana e die | 4/25/11

If you people would read, you would see "heroes of OUR TIME". There is no refrence to Moses or God, because the title says "of our time"
I'm a Roman Catholic, Republican Redneck and I say "to the valley of the damned with that fucktard we call a president"

The Loyality of Nobility | Reviewer: raerae | 1/25/11

The last part of the song, last stanza. Imagine a doomsday scenario, 3 knights of Spirit. (Holy Spirit, Sinful Spirit, Balance Spirit) They may be enemies, but without each other they would fall. Very emotional scenario ---}[The Balance knight, Sir Forge is knocked down by an "otherworld fiend" he needs the help of the sin Knight, Sir Rehnquist and the Holy Knight, Sir Valour. They destroy the otherworldly beast (now the last stanza of song comes in) they all go back to their respective places(hell, heaven, nature cycle) The knights are personification of each quality of life, and their brotherhood with each other makes them stand as one, as their Kingdom comes, living for always, evermore.

one dislike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/10

ok, this song is beautiful. i truly love it. but my one problem is in the chirus, they say the word "Yeah" which is very onpaoetic which contrastst the rest off the song. but other then that i love this song.

Poetry | Reviewer: John | 6/29/10

Dragonforce's lyrics are like most decent poetry, the poet is entitled to any interpretation the consumer gives to it. The general theme of evil vs. good or dark vs. light is obvious but I don't think you can get more specific than that. Heck, I just watched Glenn Beck and I could interpret this song as a political statement for the fight to lead America out of the darkness and back to the principals of freedom the country was based on.

Not Religous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

This Song, in my opinion, is not about religion, it seems more about wars for freedom such as world war 1 and 2. The Title "heroes of our time" supports this theory more than that moses and god theory because moeses is hardly from "our" time. Think about WWI or WWII while listening to the song.

Good band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/09

I am a Dragonforce fan, and have seen some live videos and didnt think they were that good.
I have also heard some things, probably bullshit, but heard that the guitaring in videos and stuff (eg, through fire and flames vid) is sped up and they dont actually do it that fast and theres actually more guitarists than shown, and theres guitarists backstge playin at live gigs.
I choose not to believe all of that because, regardless of whether its true, I love Dragonforce simply because they sound amazing, and even if those rumors are true, lets be honest, that drumming is fucking mental
They make amazing music which is all that really matters to me.

A Nice Change | Reviewer: Lloyd Prouse | 10/26/08

Well obviously the song is referring to Exodus, part of the section is about the Hebrews being slaves to the Egyptian overlords!

Now the beginning of it is all from them being forced to work and creating temples while the overlords beat and abuse them; that is until God and Moses come along.

The first part of the verses is where Moses preaches to them that they are going to be free and giving them hope for a better future.

The middle of the song before the solos is where Moses confronts the sea and parts it, where the overlords chase them into the sea while the Hebrews run for their lives to the other side. God guides them in the form of a cloud in the day time, and at night, a flame, or "phoenix" if you were comparing to the song.

Finally at the end, they are free from oppressive rule and are free to live as they please.

Overall, this song is my #1 best; it gives me relief from all the usual songs that Dragonforce creates, which are still great songs, but this one takes the cake. If not, the song is very close to being better than Through the Fire and Flames.

awsum song | Reviewer: Lee | 10/16/08

i love this song well at first i was lyk its alright but the song grows on u the more u listen to it the more u lyk it and wen i watched them live this song was amazin come in with it and the crowed went wild woooooo droagonforce rule

Crusade | Reviewer: DarkPhoenix | 10/15/08

This is nothing more but a guess, but couldn't it be, that this song is about a crusade? They sing about a hard journey and the redemption in the fight. Concerning the theory of the crusade it could mean the journey to the sanctified land has it's dangers:
"Our journey on towards a brighter day
Silent tears we left behind still so far away
Across the endless sands through the fields of our despair".
In addition they sing of a fight, and the redemption for eternity. This could have excatly been in the mind of the crusaders.
"Free from this world, here for the last time
Oceans collide, inside of us all
Freedom will rise once again".
But it's also quite like madness to others.
"Lost in a dream, finally it seems
Emptiness and everlasting madness
See the sadness grow".
And in the end the fight with their enemies with an optimistic mind cause of gods guidance.
"And we'll all find our sacrifice tomorrow
Believe who we are, the phoenix will guide us
Free for all eternity we stand, yeah
Forever more in us
We are victorious
And so alive" and so on...
Nothing more but a guess at last.^^


some what religious | Reviewer: ricross15 | 9/10/08

i do agree with one of the comments about dragonforce and religion,but they are in a way religious.i heard in a couple of their songs about god and here are the lyrics..."Taken away by the man in the skies" is from Reasons to Live.also,there is of course valley of the damned..."He'll stand high before us our hearts filled with splendor our souls will shine over the light".and the people who think the battle isn't real,they are dumb asses.the entire theme is really about the battle between God and satin,how they are trying to get onto Heaven and what not.but the keyboardist,Vadim,is an atheiest,so they are about religion in some ways,but not in other ways.it depends how you look at it

awsome | Reviewer: Adam | 8/16/08

i did not like the song at first just hearing it but after the video i just thought it was one of the best i have all their albulms. inhuman rampage is the best but the others are awsome the reason for inhuman to be the best is thats the first album a got and the only one i heard so i was used to their music sounding that way.

Not really... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/08

I will have to agree that this song is awesome, but I must clear something up that seems to be amiss here: This song is not necessarily about religion. The main theme of Dragonforce's music, if you pay much attention at least, deals with some super-powerful race of beings that is usually doing battle against the forces of darkness, or singing their praises and lamentations over the gains and losses of above said battles. Regardless, I suppose you could take it as a religious message, but I think the meaning being conveyed is a bit more vague and general. Summarized, their songs basically say, "Yea, sometimes the battle to do the right things is hard, but you can still achieve victory, no matter what the odds!"

Religious much? | Reviewer: Travis | 8/5/08

Dragonforce is amazing. I saw them live this past Friday, and for anyone who says they suck live, check them out now. They kick ass. They played it all as close to the album as possible but still had that nice LIVE sound to it, that you look forward to at a concert.
Anyway, this song is one of my favorites because of the lyrics, and guitar. It's such a religious song if you really look at it. Especially the last two lines. And being a major Christian that's so cool that a band can show their true religion and still have that AWESOME metal sound.

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