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He said "Son, have you seen the world?
Well, what would you say if I said that you could?
Just carry this gun and you'll even get paid."
I said "That sounds pretty good."

Black leather boots
Spit-shined so bright
They cut off my hair but it looked alright
We marched and we sang
We all became friends
As we learned how to fight

A hero of war
Yeah that's what I'll be
And when I come home
They'll be damn proud of me
I'll carry this flag
To the grave if I must
Because it's a flag that I love
And a flag that I trust

I kicked in the door
I yelled my commands
The children, they cried
But I got my man
We took him away
A bag over his face
From his family and his friends

They took off his clothes
They pissed in his hands
I told them to stop
But then I joined in
We beat him with guns
And batons not just once
But again and again

A hero of war
Yeah that's what I'll be
And when I come home
They'll be damn proud of me
I'll carry this flag
To the grave if I must
Because it's a flag that I love
And a flag that I trust

She walked through bullets and haze
I asked her to stop
I begged her to stay
But she pressed on
So I lifted my gun
And I fired away

The shells jumped through the smoke
And into the sand
That the blood now had soaked
She collapsed with a flag in her hand
A flag white as snow

A hero of war
Is that what they see
Just medals and scars
So damn proud of me
And I brought home that flag
Now it gathers dust
But it's a flag that I love
It's the only flag I trust

He said, "Son, have you seen the world?
Well what would you say, if I said that you could?"

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how about this. | Reviewer: joe b | 4/3/13

How about this one. As a Vetran, I see it as maybe a way in to that hero's head. A good window for some non military people to see what is going through some of our minds. Many Vets don't expect others to understand the things they do, in conflict or will try not to express it. Many have extreme problems after conflict, so take this as your nudge or hint. That there are hundreds of Vets who go through this not because they enjoy it but because they just want to defend our land. Use it as a sign to give them their unexpected thanks and understand that the acts are not all their choice. There are dumb acts and brave ones but the big pic is they are fighting for us to sit here and do this B.S. As well there are no people exploiting the shhh that our enemies are doing in song. War sucks but it has to happen to keep people who aren't in it safe, if we just sat on our hands some other crazy a.h. would take everytning just cause we enable them.

"People sleep peaceably at night, because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." George Orwell.

touches 2 home | Reviewer: cheryl | 6/23/12

sitting in the back seat of my sons car he played this.made me cry. just thinking about it!wasnt long after, he went to georgia for training,for the national guard. infintry,why? cause he wanted to do right,definetly the sound of youll even get paid,made him feel hes doing right for his family, and country. cause jobs are far and few between.he now has a job, at a convenience store. which im sure that helped. to put on his resume.i dont want him to ever go to war, too many friends, dont come back the same.pray for peace. there isnt enough money(which hasnt been seen)to loose something that precious as our loved ones. awesome song. thankyou.

grate song | Reviewer: Marien628 | 8/25/11

as a marien i lissin and i cry this song brings me back to the horable things things that i saw and had to live with, never will i wish any one to have to suffer wat is war but i do believe it we need war, but one word of addvice to all the young men and women out there thinking about joning the armed forces live your life first make love to a woman, start a life and then look at all and if u still feel te need to join plese do but i went in to all this with 5 friends im the only one that came back,

good little soldiers | Reviewer: rachel n | 8/24/11

this song describes so many men and women that have gone to war and done what they were told to do by their leaders, and once they did they felt so guilty about everything...
this song makes me cry. music really penetrates deep into my soul and i love "hero of war". thank you Rise Against!!!

Song about the Truth? | Reviewer: WIll | 8/4/11

This song is about some of the horrible things some of the men/women are forced to do sometimes. Some of the things in the video maybe out of context though. "They took off his clothes They pissed in his hands I told them to stop But then I joined in We beat him with guns And batons not just once But again and again" Um I highly doubt unless he was fighting against them or if they had Intel that he was a terrorist. I could be wrong though. But they should have thought about 9/11. If they fight against us they must have supported it. That was hell for the "Innocent" people who died and were injured. That man was most likely not innocent. Even though there are questionable actions what our government did to try and stop it(may have been a plot to get into the Middle East). In my opinion if he was a terrorist he did get half of what he deserved .

I guess it doesnt matter what i may think.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

When i was introduced to this song it made me feel sad, it told me a story of a soldier who went to war for his country because thats what you did and you got paid it was painted to you in a way that looked attractive to most young men who have grown up wanting to be heroes. So he goes to war and as he is reflecting back he realises the picture he was painted wasnt that glamourous these men get so torn and mentally tortured from the things they see and do they also have to battle with what they feel to, dealing with what they have to at the time. noone wants to kill anybody in general but in a war its you or them how do these boys do it there are the odd set of guys that let war go to there head and treat the innocent bad unfortunately that is just some humans. in war you are fighting between what is right and what has to be done.like when he had taken the prisoner and they beat him he struggled knowing what those men did were wrong but you find yourself doing it i guess to save face because of fear etc these men think they are ready for war but you are never ready and the man you once were will not be the man when you get home but to all you soldiers out there when you pick up your gun and the man woman child who is at the end of it remember they dont want to kill either they are someones child sister brother i don't know what you guys and gals go through each of you will be different but if a war can stop for christmas day why cant they stop everyday. To the musicans that wrote the song absolutely beautiful it makes me cry because i can see the story in front of me and i can feel that soldiers pain and torment i hate war i hate what it does to people none is better than the next we all have a story why cant you just listen well done guys i play it alot in the car it reminds me of what my grandparents had to go through not nice.

Appreciation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

Whether anti-war or pro-war, it's still a song that tells a story; a story that is similar to actual occurences. I'm the son of an 18 and a half year military veteran. He served in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982 with the Marine Corps and then went to Iraq in 2004 with the Army Reserves. He recieved the bronze star for valor there, the fourth highest award the military can bestow. I'm proud of my father's service, and so is he. For a man who has seen so much (some he won't talk about), he'll be the first to tell you that war does crazy things to people. It's going to happen, no matter what. The only thing we can do is punish those who commit those horrible acts and hope the rest of the men and women in the armed forces serve honorably and faithfully. But just remember one thing...the only reason you're allowed to listen to this song and get on the internet and post your opinion about it is because of those men and women who give you the right to. Everyday you walk out of your warm house into a neighborhood where you can eat wherever you want, talk with whomever you wish, worship whatever God you please and express any ideals that come to mind...it's all because of the freedoms they have fought for. We are all human, and we all make mistakes...especially under the stress and animosity found in war.

Some things to clarify | Reviewer: Johan | 8/5/10

There are some reviewers here stating that this song is not in fact "anti-war" but rather "pro-peace". But then again, what is the difference? If you are pro-peace doesn't that logically mean you are anti-war and the other way around?

Further I have to say that I don't think this song is about Rise Against political opinions(although it's fairly obvious they are against the war in Iraq) , in no way are they trying to push something like that upon us, the purpose of the song was to document what's going on today for the generations to come. Those of you not saying it's about America and pointing out the fact that america isn't mentioned in the lyrics, here is an interview where Tim Mcilrath clearly states that it's about the war in Iraq, and if anyone would try and state that he doesn't say which side it's about, I mean come on...really? ://www.artistdirect.com/nad/news/article/0,,4894898,00.html

In the interview he is talking about meeting active and retired soldiers. seeing as the song is sung in a past-tense "he said son have you seen the world" and not "he says" It gives the feeling about someone looking back on when he was first recruited. But in the chorus he sings in a future tense " A hero of war, yeah that's what i'll be, And when I come home they'll be damn proud of me" which i perceive as the soldiers thoughts at that time of what he will be and how he will be received by his countrymen in the future. And as the song, or the soldiers experience if you would, goes on his thoughts about himself change. " A hero of war, Is that what they see" questioning how people see him, because he can't see himself that way.

Some reviewers also states that regardless of the things he did, he is happy because he did it for his country, here you refer to the "flag that gathers dust" and how he still loves and trusts it. This is in my opinion a huge misinterpretation. The flag they refer to is the white flag the woman was holding. " I brought home THAT flag, meaning the flag mentioned earlier, I.E the white flag the women dropped as she was shot down. further he states that's "it's THE only flag I trust" where he refer to the white flag. While he earlier said "It's A flag that i trust" most probably his country flag. This can only be interpreted as where he once trusted the flag of his country, he now only trusts the white flag, in other words he has come to find, that war is not the answer. He only trusts in peace.

Further I would like to recommend a fantastic series "Generation Kill" which broadened my views on war, not only the pressure soldiers are under, the accidents that can occur, or the incompetence of officers whose orders you MUST follow. It in many ways depicts how modern war is fought, the medal hungry higherups calling in airstrikes for the glory, and this is by no way a new occurrence, US General Pershing sent his men to take a town 30 minutes before the armistice of world war 1 which marked the end of the war. A town they could've walked in 31 minutes later, at one point the opposing forces even waved them back, as in "wtf are you doing? we don't have to die here?!" It's not a series that justifies the war in no way, but rather give you the tools to make up your own mind, and makes you understand that the US soldiers are humans too, and that humans are different. That they are soldiers told to fight a war, and they do it as best they can, some better then others. I'm not saying those who do acts of evil should not be hold accountable, what i'm saying is that we who have never been to war need to try and understand.Neither enemy faces, nor the mothers that love them, come to mind when one is thinking of nothing but endeavouring to survive. Philosophising about war is useless under fire.
Try and imagine the mindset when in war, and how hard it must be when one returns to reality, the troops doesn't need you support when fighting the war, but most of all when they return. So whether you think the war is wrong or not, don't put it on the soldiers but the government and give them the support and love they need.

Finally I'd like to say to all of you soldiers who are in Iraq fighting that I pray for your safe return.
I'm not pro-war or killing and I don't think that the soldiers fighting are either it's peace that's wanted. Some better peace than the one you started with, and I hope you manage to achieve this.

// Someone who has never been to war, but still try to understand

Ps. don't hesitate to send emails or just responding in the review section.

Drug addict my ass | Reviewer: chris | 7/6/10

piss off you 4 year old nob's arguing that we started this shit... we dont want war either , its just that phrase again... "Donkeys Leading Lions" <-- all the officers are doing, is sending us in, to do their fucking job, and pay for their fucking petrol, oil, you name it. unless you serve here too, dont fucking post shit that you know fuck all about


Death to americans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/10

I am an afgan drug warlord, my men have killed 13 american soldiers and 4 brittish but i have lost 92 men i just want 2 sell my drugs in peace :( so get the fuck out my country let us do what we want...

Just enjoy. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

Okay seriously why are people here expressing their opinions. I came here to see lyrics to this great song and everyone is just screaming how war is this way, or this way. Just listen to the song enjoy it, if you don't like it fuck off why are you on this page anyway?

i had to analyze this song for english.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

“We took him away, a bag over his face, from his family and friends.” As many know war can make one do terrible unthinkable things. In the song Hero of War (by Rise Against ) the lyrics tell a truth, another side to a story which is rarely told and never quite heard. Soldiers are there to fight in the name of their Country, some to bring right even though war is wrong. On one side, (the one we most hear) the soldiers are sent off and told to fight the wrong, bring peace to the world, and be a hero. This is what people of our country and many others believe. In the main verse of the song, “A hero of war, yeah thats what I’ll be, and when I come home they’ll be damn proud of me. I’ll carry this flag to the grave if I must because it’s the flag that I love, and a flag that I trust,” it shows how soldiers are perceived when they return home fighting for the country or how the soldiers first think fighting in war will do. On the contrary, some of the soldiers are taking advantage of prisoners, torturing and ridiculing. When is it ever right to “beat him with guns and batons not just once but again and again.” ? The soldiers relied on to find peace, are creating adversity. In the song, the lyrics will jump into sharp contrast with each other and bring how war can make a good person do wrong. In the world today marketing ads and ploys will suck one in by making the product sound appealing, beneficial and worth spending money on without fully explaining what the side affects are. Also, in Hero of War the soldier is brought into the havoc and suffering of war by the offer, “Son have you seen the world? Well what would you say if I said that you could? Just Carry this gun and you’ll even get paid.” Anything could be said to get you to buy a membership, bring home a box, or leave home. The song shows how certain actions are done without thinking and may not change the way family and friends think of oneself but change the way one thinks of themselves. The movie Brothers relates to the song because both the main character, Sam Cahill (Tobey Mcguire) and the soldier in the song do things they were so against. Sam Cahill was told to beat his fellow soldier and eventually he gave in just like how the soldier “told them to stop but I joined in Instead.” War creates monsters, which isn’t so surprising since war itself is one.

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Jamie | 4/26/10

I think this is a really amazing song.

Everyone has an opinion, so here's mine. I don’t think this song is necessarily anti-war or pro-war. I think it’s just stating someone who is serving for their country, not knowing what they had got themselves into. They do as they are told, but then gets carried away with it all. Doing things to people that aren’t necessary. Like how it’s said, pissing in his hands and beating him with guns again and again. Then at the very end, he regrets it all. I sense a little sarcasm in the chorus also. As well as this part, ‘hero of war, Is that what they see? Just medals and scars, So damn proud of me.’

Anyway, when I first heard this song, I almost cried when he said he joined into beating and tormenting the man they had captured. Very moving song.

gotta explain this stuff to you all geez | Reviewer: Big-D | 4/6/10

Okay we all have a right to an opinion and my opinion is you dont have an opinion so stfu and let me tell you the best one...the song is about how evil and carried away you get in war...now no offense to any one but the military brain washes ppl they go in one way and come out diffrent of course this isnt for everyone and i think thats what they were singin bout and near the end he realized it was ignorant to "join in" to earn medals for killing and that his scars in the end dont matter what should be happening is peace which is very hard to come by...He realized he got carried away and thats what the military basically teaches...of course its not good but its more for protection...in any case there are ppl out there who do do that...and he keeps the flag and he has had it for a long time ("it gathers dust") and will always trust it no matter what the case may be...one huge run on sentence lmao

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/10

Hey soldier, I appreciate you fighting and all, but just because you haven't seen these things doesn't mean it doesn't happen. My uncle just went back to war last month. All he ever said was how horrible he felt about all the things he did. He said there were things done that no one should forgive. Not all soldiers see horrible acts but that shit happens.

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