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I'm so high. I can hear heaven.
I'm so high. I can hear heaven.
Oh but heaven, no heaven don’t hear me.

And they say that a hero could save us.
I’m not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

Someone told me that love would all save us.
But how can that be, look what love gave us.
A world full of killing, n' blood-spilling
that world never came.

And they say that a hero could save us.
I’m not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away. hi-igh-igh!

Now that the world isn't ending,
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it's love that I’m sending to you.
It isn’t the love of a hero,
and that’s why I fear it won’t do.

And they say that a hero could save us.
I’m not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

And they're watching us
(Watching Us)
They're watching us
(Watching Us)
as we all fly away.

And they're watching us
(Watching us)
They're watching us
(Watching us)
As we all fly away,

And they're watching us
(Watching us)
They're watching us
(Watching us)
As we all fly away

(Yeah, yeah. Whoa-oh.)

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What This Guy thinks | Reviewer: This Guy | 12/9/12

I think its trying to say even when life seems bad,a hero will save you,no matter what.Nickleback only speaks the truth.Love is deadly,because jelousy leads to death.Your hero avoids death's grasp.Thats what This Guy thinks.

Cheesy Nipples | Reviewer: Tits McGee | 12/3/12

i hate this song, i find it everywhere, it somehow appeared on my ipod, saying that i purchased it 47 times on itunes, and drained my bank account. i needed to pay for my kids daycare one day, and went to find that HERO by nickelback had downloaded itself FORTY SEVEN times onto my iphone. my phone then proceeded to shut down because it did not have the capacity to hold the damn song. my husband left me because he thinks i have an obsession with chad kroeger, and all of my friends have basically left me because everyone i know hates nickelback. i tried to sue itunes and all i received out of the ordeal is a Nickelback CD for my troubles. a CD that may i mention WAS ALREADY GIFTED TO ME in 2007. my now EX husband now has full custody of both of my children. my life is in ruins all i have to my name is 2 copies of Nickelbacks "All The Right Reasons" and 47 copies of Hero on my iPhone that does not function. Not even a hero could save me now. may this song burn in hell

Hero | Reviewer: nashcat | 2/24/12

Bought the single on Itunes. Search under Chad Kroeger, it will bring you to a page listing 7 versions. On the left side it lists Artist. Select Chad Kroeger feat. Jose first. Select the second one that says Chad Kroger. It will take you to a page with two versions. The first one is $1.29 for the single and then it list the album. I bought the single. Good luck, hope it helps.

OMG, I finally found it! | Reviewer: Danielle | 1/14/11

So I've loved this song ever since I was a little thing and I heard it on the Spiderman soundtrack. I finally went on iTunes and looked for it. I was so afraid I wouldn't find it, and I did. I wish it was cheaper, but whatever. NICKELBACK RUUUUUUUUUUUUULES!!!!!

where to purchase this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/08

the only place I found this song was on itunes. and you have to purchase
the whole albumn. it is not for sale as a single.
it is kinda hard to find, but search under
Spider Man (Music from and inspired by)
or I searched under "spider man, chad kroeger"
good luck,
I love this song too!

Greatttttt!! | Reviewer: Renee | 1/31/08

This song is soooooooo great I just love itt!! and for anyone out there who loves anime you should look 4 the Death Note video with this song it just fit in with the show love 'em both!!!

! | Reviewer: shane | 1/13/08

if anyone has actually seen the videoclip to this song or actually has listened to it properly they would know it only has chad kroger from nickelback. the song is performed by chad kroger featuring josey scott from saliva

nickelback rocks | Reviewer: lizzy | 12/15/07

dude i freakin love that song i play it so much i just dont get y it aint on da radio
my sis tells me not to play it cause she says i play too much i might but i never get tired of it lol

top song boohyaaahh!! | Reviewer: nic | 8/4/07

couldn't have put it better myself. Love had to give us het world we have, its a risk Love had to take of giving us free will in life. Top song from a top band

Wow | Reviewer: fawaz | 8/3/07

is it just me or everybody feels something moves inside yr chest,it feels strange..i love it

Great Song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/07

When I heard it the first time, I was speechless!! We all needed to hear a song like this for a while!

? | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/16/07

Why is this song not on itunes? If it is, someone please inform me where to download it because I love it.

Hero song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/06

This is a great song. I love the message in this song and it helps that Chad Kroeger's voice sings it perfectly like a rock angel.

NickelBack Whoop Ass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/06

Nickelback has made another hard rocking chartbuster! Awesome! One of the best songs I have ever heard! And I've heard it about 48 times1

cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/06

AWESOME song, you CAN'T get better than this song, now, WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD IT???

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