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I'm a pop star threat and I'm not dead yet
got a super dread bet with an angel drug head
like a dead beat winner, I wanna be a sinner
an idolized bang for the industry killer
a hideous man that you don't understand
throw a suicide party and I'm guaranteed to fuckin snap
it evilsonic, it's pornoholic
breakdowns, obscenities, its all i wanna be

if you're 555, then I'm 666
if you're 555, then I'm 666
Well if you're 555 then I'm 666
(whats it like to be a heretic?)
If you're 555 then I'm 666
(whats it like to be a heretic?)

everybody's so infatuated
everybody's so completely sure of what we are
everybody defamates from miles away
but face to face
they haven't got a thing to say
I bleed for this and I bleed for you
still you look in my face like I'm somebody new
toy, nobody wants anything I've got
which is fine because you're made of everything I'm not

if you're 555, then i'm 666
if you're 555, then i'm 666
Well if you're 555 then I'm 666
(whats it like to be a heretic?)
If you're 555 then I'm 666
(whats it like to be a heretic?)




30 seconds, 16, 8, 4, lemme tell ya why
I haven't the slightest, I'm teaching your brightest
they're listening , clamouring
all the money in the world can't buy me
go ahead, lie to me
tell me again how your tortured
I wanna know how you followed your orders so well
you're full of shit
you want a dream, but this ain't it

If you're 555 im 666
If you're 555 im 666
If you're 555 im 666
If you're 555 im 666
If you're 555 then im 666
(whats it like to be a heretic?)
If your 555 then im 666
(Whats it like to be a heretic...)
If your 555 then im 666
(Whats it like to be a heretic...)
If your 555 then im 666
(Whats it like to be a heretic...)


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iowas best song | Reviewer: matt marino | 12/3/13

this is an awesomly hevey song evwn though this song is satanic it does NOT mean that the band is satanic this was a very dark time in the bands life they almost never write about this anymore

little kids | Reviewer: justsomedude | 12/2/12

the comments here never cease to amaze me on how many 12 year olds wander this site. These comments should be used to discuss the song not have these pointless fucking debates. As for the last kid: Something tells me you have never read any of Burzum's lyrics if you think they are satanic.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA | Reviewer: SAMAEL | 10/11/12

Guess What People! If you guys think Slipknot is Satanic, lacks two brain cells to run together, want satanic? listen to black metal, bands like gorgoroth and burzum are FULL of satanic references, i myself prefer to keep out of the way of religion, all it does is create arguements, think about it!

Stop bringing religion into music!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/12

Seriously, stop goin around callin slipknot satanic, how about you actually look a little into the bands history and then maybe the songs meaning will be a little clearer to you. If you are so concerned about slipknot and other metal bands being satanic DON'T LISTEN TO THEM, if you're gonna let some guy we don't even know exists dictate how you live, I feel sorry for you. And if you do believe in god, he gave you free will USE IT.

Night war is daily dream | Reviewer: Sphesihle Gumede | 6/25/12

I'm 17 year's old and worship satan since I was born I never think about jesus because he kind of borring and devil help to been smart , 666 it just a number the hope is your mind and your heart.killing is my sport and demons are captain , devil is my couch so fuck the human begns ,this is vampire life you weak

Its for God to decide | Reviewer: Wynand | 3/19/12

I listen to Slipknot and I believe in God. I don't believe that by listening to slipknot makes me satanic and also I don't believe their trying to convert us into another religion. I don't know their religion but what I do know is that it is for God to decide and not me. God wouldn't have given them the talent if they were stealing His children away from Him. I love slipknot's music but I don't caLl myself a maggot , I call myself one of God's sons

Really? | Reviewer: 555Maggot666 | 2/24/12

@Anonymous who said Slipknot is satanic stop trying to make a religious war its really fucked up! Slipknot is a great band and dont try to change us because at the end of the day, we will still be ourselves and in my opinion god can go fuck himself if he really does exists because he really hasnt done anything to make this world a better place has he? ok i could go on and on about this forever but im not gonna waste anymore time with you

TO THE MAGGOTS: we are strong and can NEVER be broken! Stay (sic)!

What? | Reviewer: Jeb | 2/20/12

@noah What? You cannot be a christian nihilist... That's a complete oxymoron. The point of Christianity is total faith and belief in the real and physical death of Jesus Christ for the atonement of man's sins. Nihilism is the belief that nothing is real and that all things which "we" experience are simply products of the mind which have no value or significance. In other words, there is no tangible world and things such as, oh let's say the death of Christ, much less the existence of Christ, are meaningless because they do not exist. Normally I wouldn't waste time on something like this, but that's just stupidity on a whole new level.

zeal without knowledge | Reviewer: noah | 1/11/12

I see so many things wrong with so many arguments..... i am a Christian nihilist and slipknot is one of the more talented artists i have heard in a minute.... all he is talking about is if you want to be one thing i will be the opposite... if you want to be 555 than i will be ur 666.... which by the way in the original language it looks more like www.... take as you may either way slipknot does nit associate with a particular religion however i see them as a combo of nihilism and hedonism look it up we all are to some extent... zeal without knowledge is more dangerous than vice versa ye Christians be warned

please end this shit... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/11

Ok,I'm a 16 year old indian from South Africa,and I've been listening to Slipknot for about a year now.The first time I heard SlipKnoT,I was hooked.To my fellow Maggots,I don't have to explain the impact these guys play in our life..who gives a shit about whether or not Slipknot are or are not satanic? Fuckit,I'm a born muslim and I think that my own religion as well as Christianity are a whole loada bullshit(sorry if I offended any fellow maggots there)and I believe in heresy,I will live MY LIFE and pay for MY OWN concequences,will the rest of you people stop being such bible bashers and look at the bigger picture? Where are your gods and politicians? I don't see any answers raining down from the sky,and I don't see a problem with being called a 666.and I know this is way back,but to the fucking puss who banned his step son from SlipKnoT deserves to have his penis(if he has one) cut off and shoved down his bullshit speaking mouth because he is a cock sucker and a bully in my eyes.Who the fuck gives him the right to stop his step son from listening to whatever the hell he wants? I live with a hypocritical family just like that,all of them think its noise and screaming.but they won't keep me from it,its a lifestyle..And its way deeper then todays pop rock and RnB a world where every other person is shallow,we have to hold onto the depth..and that depth,that lifeforce,is SLIPKNOT! I am a world before I am a man,I was a creature before I could stand,I will remember before I forget. Viva la pulse of the Maggots..oh and to the dude underneath me(post) I'm sorry but I just found that hilarious man.If you are a foreigner then its ok for your bad texting skill,but if not you obviously failed english and ran to a church to pray to God for better vocabulary and literacy skills.(Obviously he didn't answer you) and yeah,its a bit too late for SK,I mean,if Jesus had to see Joeys AHIG mask he would shit himself dude,believe me,there's too much resemblance,anyway,Slipknot cannot be classed other then 666 themselves,they are beasts! And to anyone who tries to belittle SK or us maggots,give up,you won't win this one..AQEEL RAWJEE is the name,Stay (SIC) maggots..cocksuckers,stay what you are too! Peace

dis is satanic worship ... ppl GOD that is the GOD of abraham is not pleased turn from your ways | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

these pple got the baphomet picture rite behind them am i d only person seeing that ? com on its your soles that u endanger wen u liston these music and attend these show .. you all need to be clensed with the blood of jesus ... as for slipnot it never too late for change you no more than i do and am shure atleast one of u must be thinkin dat its time for change think of the impact that ule make if u put that same amount of energy into worship the through GOD ... the devil is jus usin u he doesnt care abt u and ule see dat one day if u dnt change repent !!!! alll and accept the through christ jesus he is willing to forgive u !!

oh god... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/11

First of all, since when is Slipknot trying to be death metal? besides, how do you call that over natural force that puts inside all of you the urge to enter these kind of pages and express your hate/despise for every song and band that exists? for god's sake... get a life...

bunch of twats | Reviewer: ex fan | 11/12/11

slipknot is the same as marilyn manson- metal and satan goes hollywood. hav u listened to any of the new shit?its all pop with guitars,they usd to be hardcore,but now with their squeaky clean image do you think they would still throw puke and dead birds into the crowds at shows? hell no. everytime a genre emerges on the underground and reaches some level of popularity,the media searches desperately for a poster band to bring that music into pop anthems and to the mainstream. metallica was that band for thrash, motley crue for l.a glam metal, nirvana for alternative, korn for 90s nu metal, and now slipknot is the perfect image and band to clean up and polish and present the pop version of the music originated in florida by the likes of cannibal corpse,deicide,obituary- all of whom are true death metal,truely hardcore,and havnt got an ounce of pop faggotness about their image or music. slipknot is for kids who are 15,who want heavy and dark,but are too scared to take a deeper look at what death metal really is.

(sic) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/11

We the maggots accept that we as individuals shall die, burn up, and become nothing. It is not that we as individuals are immortal, but as maggots we are a collective, an undying and unstopping idea. We are not weak. Unlike your metal ours has a community that believes in something, and that is the strongest thing in the world. We are (sic) of YOU and your FATALISM, and we WILL be remembered, the Maggots will live and continue and fight. We. Will. Impact. The. World. In fact.

We already have, in many ways.

Maggots, keep speaking. Don't be silent when they cry out against you. Remember that we won't take the shit, we will expose the obscene. The world is wrong. Maybe we won't make it right, but we're gonna go farther than YOU will. ( directed at the anonymous poster of 6/18/2011 )

Lol at every1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

If you know anything about slipknot you would know this, they are satanic. Lol bet you didnt huh? Learn this.

But all in all, great song. I agree with one of you. 666 is mans number; when they say 666 is the number of the beast, think about it. Man is one of the most dangerous beasts out there, so everyone here is part of this controversy.

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