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Dido Here With Me Lyrics

Last updated: 09/04/2009 11:00:00 AM

I didn't hear you leave
I wonder how am I still here
And I don't want to move a thing
It might change my memory

Oh I am what I am
I'll do what I want
But I can't hide
I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you're resting here with me
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
Until you're resting here with me

I don't want to call my friends
They might wake me from this dream
And I can't leave this bed
Risk forgetting all that's been


Thanks to Nick Boland for submitting Here With Me Lyrics.

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Opalescence directions | Reviewer: Douglass | 9/4/09

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gorgeous | Reviewer: agus | 6/23/08

i really really love this song. I've travelled to the UK a couple of months ago and believe me... if u r in the middle of London City listening to this wonderful song, u fly!! Dido is great, i've loved her since she recorded her first album ...

just... gorgeous

roswell | Reviewer: shian | 9/13/07

i have watched Roswell religiously since it started. That is like my favorite show. I own all the seasons and watch them every chance i get.

So pretty song | Reviewer: Less* | 8/23/07

I heared these song at first time for Roswell, and when it finished, i felt like a stranger in these world, because i was in love with a boy that was everything for me, and i haved to leave my country, and leave my boy too.When i hear these song i can fly to find all my memories with him, in the deepest of my soul, and it's like the time goes back to that wonderful days. Thanks Dido, for give me that oportunities to find him again...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about the song | Reviewer: mia | 8/17/07

this song to me is the best love song every, she made a song that describes loves so perfectly, she dere and she;s singing this wondeful but its she's tellin us how much she;s in love and how she feels wen she with him and the happiness she feels its almost like a fairytalee (cause thats love) and she loves this feeling so much she refuse to cum out of this enclosed place with him she jus wants to lock up with him cause she knows as soon as she hits bak to the real world reality will hit in and she enjoys this fairytale land so much

rmy review; | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/07

this song has a great meaning to it.this song is also the beginning song of Roswell,it really descripes the relationship between the two main characters.

anyone who likes vampire books, read TWILIGHT | Reviewer: kemisha | 2/11/07

I love this song! this has to be one of my favorites! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Dido | Reviewer: Lanny | 11/24/04

All of her songs are sung with meaning, i have cried to it, smiled to it and most importantly enjoyed it. It brings up good and bad feelings from the past, but in the end, the lyrics make me remember the good times, before the bad!

Haunting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/04

The only word that comes to mind when you think of this song, is haunting. Dido is a fantastic talent and her music is easy on the ear.