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Mystikal Here We Go Lyrics

Last updated: 01/08/2014 06:53:13 AM

[Intro: E-40]
Uh, uh, hah!
Alright, Mystikal, (BITCH! Hombre!) Mystikal.
Alright nigga, this E-4-O.
Huh, E-4-O, E-4-O, huh.
Finna get it crankin up in this biatch, what.
Finna get it crankin up in this biaiatch.
V-Town (V-town), New Orleans.
Check it out.

[Verse 1: E-40]
Flames fly, in the middle of the street
sirens and violence, silence
Muthafuckas play for keeps
Violins and diamonds on my grand piano
Turn the channel
Let me see that, gimme that back
Muthafucka fool what's your problem? (What's your problem?)
Negro, why you wanna pull all on the side of my column
Column, shot em (shot em), got em, stick em, lose em, stock em
Ditch em, dodge em, block em, stock em, rock em, chop em, scheme em
Plottin' plot em,
45 special (45 special)
Niggas with the four five realize

[Verse 2: B-Legit]
I got this monkey on my back
Shit be funky that's a fact
Swimmin' up in them swamps though
pocket fulla twamps though
To stomp hoe
Totin my pis-tol
up and down them side streets up in my vehi-cle
Cali style, rally's fell, French Quarters at night
Smoke blunts, get the money, and make shit right
We smokin weed pipe, niggas stuff it and roll
Just some fools bout they paper, way out of control
Now, here we go

[Chorus: B-Legit & E-40]
Here we go, time to let these niggas know
Here we go, here we go, uhhhhh
Here we go, here we go, time to let these niggas know
Mystikal, P go get the four door
Here we go, here we go, time to let these niggas know
Here we go, here we go, uhhhhh
Here we go, here we go, time to let these niggas know
Mystikal, Master P go get the four door

[Verse 3: Mystikal]
Nigga, we B-O-U-T-I-T B-O-U-T-I-T
Fonzarelli, gimme the mike, let me get in they ass
I'm with the Ice Cream Man, we kickin ass
Came way from the project in New Orleans
where the drug dealers slang and the killers they blast
Pass the grass, gimme the weed, smash the gas, we actin bad
We lookin' for the bitches with the pink cookie
We already got the plastic bag
Our money don't stop, it multiply
Cut the fuckin' beat on, let me in the booth
let me show you how it 'posed to sound
I know some of y'all niggas gon probably
have a problem with everything we say
Bitch, G-E-T-O-F-F our D-I-C-K
Always been the shit, so I'ma be the shit
Fuckin with niggas like E-4-O and B-Legit
Y'all niggas got a pay to feed the men, we the men
Do it fast or slow, we dressed up straight from a fashion show
Passin hoes, ain't nothing on the wall in the hall but platinum and gold
I put the dick on the track, then they bring me back to the mighty N.O.
Came fame, from the bottom to the top
Here we go, in this B-I-T-C-H


[Outro: Master P talking with echo]
Represent, Ughhhhhhhhh!
Ha ha! That's how we gon bubble.
No Limit style. Mystikal, nigga.
E-Feezy, B-Legit, and Master P.
The Kiz-olonel. Yeah baby, yeah.
Represetin ya heard me. How ya do dat dere.
707, 504, we gettin y'all ready for that there.
It's a new beginning, a new millenium.
No Limit.
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