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And here we go again
With all the things you said
And not a minute spent
To think that we'd regret
So we just take it back,
These words and hold our breath
Forget the things we swore we meant

I'll write you just to let you know that I'm alright
Can't say I'm sad to see you go
Cause I'm not. (No I'm not) Well, I'm not.

And here we go again
With all the things we did
And now I'm wondering
Just who would I have been
To be the one attached
At all time to your hip?
Forget the things we swore we meant.

I'll write you just to let you know that I'm alright
Can't say I'm sad to see you go
Cause I'm not, no I'm not.
Well, I'm not. (No, I'm not, no I'm not).

I'll write you to let you know that I'm alright
Can't say I'm sad to see you go
Cause I'm not (no, I'm not)
Well, I'm not (no, I'm not)
I'm not, I'm not.

And here we go again
With all the things you said
And not a minute spent
To think that we'd regret
So we just take it back (11x)

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Rockin'! | Reviewer: Ebony | 5/18/12

Not my favorite Paramore song, but even towards the bottom of the list, can't deny that these lyrics rock!

...on the aside, does this song actually have anything to do with Twilight? ...nevermind, I don't care enough to find out.

Sombody Cares For Me. | Reviewer: Victor Chaykowski | 9/1/11

I woke up at dawn and washed my face
I looked into the mirror and see
A grumpy old man with no place to go.
Does somebody care for me.

I went to the park and sat on the bench
My tears were running free.
A lady walked by and heaved a sigh,
I think somebody cares for me.

She sat next to me and gave me a wink
I smiled back with glee.
She gave me a hug and cheered up my mug
I know somebody cares for me.

Enough! | Reviewer: A.D. | 3/21/11

Why does evryone keep bringing up Paramore and Twilight as if they were the same thing..look whoever likes Twilight fine same with Paramore..all we should really say is that Paramore is a kick-ass band!! Hands Down!!
and might I add that Hayley is just too damn gorgeous!!

Dumb Tweens | Reviewer: Anonmnomnomynous | 12/21/10

Twilight was a stupid harlequin romance that was illy written. And if you honestly read that so called literature an enjoyed it so much, then stick to your boy bands and flavor of the month pop songs. Paramores lyrics mean a lot more than something so stupid and ridiculous. Haley might be a twilight fan, but to say your only a paramore fan because of Twilight is an insult to everyone else on here.

Dude why hate on Rob???paramore is the band forever!!!!! | Reviewer: mellie | 11/16/10

I seen PARAMORE in concert and they killed it and yeah twilight is what the first real moive were PARAMORE's music is in and it will not be the lasted.
Dude he is not hot but he looks okiee not as good as harry potter but i think rob pattinson looks good in harry potter movie but how many actors can pull off that face like "im in pain but it looks like i have gas" look come on think no one.

Ew. | Reviewer: Hahaha, joke. | 9/27/10

Quit talking about Twilight. No one cares about it. This song kicks ass, so don't ruin my mood by talking about that ugly fuck Robert Pattinson. I'd love to just dropkick that grubbag. :)Anyway, I love Paramore. A lot. Soooo......yea.

Twilight/Paramore | Reviewer: gurlofawesomeness | 8/3/10

Okay people, I know that Twilight and Paramore have nothing in common. But if you've seen the Paramore music video that comes with the Twilight DVD you see that Hayley Williams is a fan of Twilight and wanted to do a song for Twilight. And she came up with the song Decode for the movie. So don't go bashing on stuff like that. And I love Rob just to let you know, Taylor is cute , but not hot enough for me. But if you've seen Eclipse, then you've seen the guy who plays Seth Clearwater and he is HOT! Sorry team Jacob people. And people do not go bashing on Twilight or Robert! Am I making that clear? And yes I'm a chick, so leave Robert and Twilight alone or I will find you. And I did find out about Paramore because of Twilight. So think of Twilight as a reference to Paramore. Many people I think heard of Muse,The Black Ghosts, Eyes on Fire, Mutemath, and Paramore because of Twilight. So please take this all into consideration. Thanks. :D

FINALLY!!! | Reviewer: Ana | 5/26/10

people who agree with me! i love paramore and have ever since All We Know Is Falling. the lyrics to this song are amazing, the beat's a little slow but thats whatever. as for twilight, i ahree Decode was a pretty good song. the other one? not so much. but paramore & twilight are totally unrelated. i love love love the books, but the movies have sucked so i dont see how crazy fans with hossible taste who love twilight for reasons unbecknowst to me, can like paramore, and amazing band. anybody else agree? and to put my final two cents in, i think that not only are kristin & rob horrible for the bella & edward, hes remarkably disgustingly ugly(:

just a com. | Reviewer: DeathSilence | 1/24/10

well, id guess you guys were right.. some only lokes PARAMORE 'cuz of "twilight"... daaaaaaa...
but whatever.. it doesnt matter anyway.. i just want to say that.. PARAMORE is awsome... they rock.. i love them.. a lot.. specially there "BRAND NEW EYES" album.. all of the songs were great... yuhuuuu..

Paramore NOT Twilight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/09

I agree with what a lot of people said that Paramore and Twilight are 2 completely different things. Paramore was on the soundtrack, so were a lot of bands, get over it. I was a paramore fan long before the twilight movie and I'm sure I'll be a fan after Twilight is dead. But I do think Rob is cute. Not hot, but cute, everyone has a different taste in guys, so just because you think he's ugly doesn't mean everyone else does. I think Zac Efron is the ugliest most feminine BLAH guy ever, but most people think he's hott, soo don't be mean :)

paramore and twilight? no | Reviewer: ichiban desu | 10/6/09

I totally agree with everyone who said that twilight and paramore ARE NOT related whatsoever. Yes, that have like.. 2 songs in the movie, but SO WHAT. that doesn't matter. Like someone already said. they were going strong WAY before twilight the movie came along. and i also agree that robert pattinson is uglyyy. honestly.. gawd.. he's NOT hot at all. I didn't even like the movie compared to the book. Just because he played Edward doesn't make him hot. And for those girls asking their bf's to be Edward: GET REAL. he doesn't existtt. be happy with who you have. paramore is amazing so PLEASE don't bring that shitty movie into this convo

Robert Pattinson...ew. | Reviewer: Alison B | 10/3/09

Paramore is and was a great band before Twilight was ever even talked about. Robert Pattinson is fucking ugly. Why would anyone in their right mind think he's cute? And "Decode" isnt even that great of a song. Btw, I love Twilight and I'm not trying to put it down in anyway. I just don't like Robert Pattinson. I'm not like those preppy bitches who started like Twilight last year. I've loved it ever since it first came out...

Robert Pattinson sucks at life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/09

to the person bellow me that said "Robert Pattinson makes me want to puke on a baby", you are fucking amazing. thank you. im a chick too. i think he is such a fucking retard. hes not hot either. he sucked in twilight and in harry potter. i didnt realize until recently that he played cedric, and i always wondered why that character didnt seem like he was played very well, and now i know why. Because robert pattinson sucks major dick at acting. Paramore was awesome long before twilight and will still be awesome long after the suck ass second movie of twilight comes out.

Oh my. | Reviewer: Excuse the obscene. | 9/5/09

First off, Paramore was an amazing band before Twilight, and all though Twilight has brought more fans to their attention, it's not right to like them only because of Twilight. They're an amazing band and Hayley Williams is one of the most talented singers out there.
Second, Robert Pattinson makes me want to puke on a baby. I am a chick, and I think he shouldn't have played Edward unless he had a paper bag over his face. The books are way better than the overrated movie.
Thank you:)

There I Go Again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/09

How many of you relate to this? This is my favorite song period. I would say I love Paramore, but that's just biased. For all the Cullen fans, Edward is more like a dad than a dream lover. Get that straight.

I'm not... I'm not... I'm not.

Love the vocals. The lyrics are clever.

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