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David Crowder Band Here Is Our King Lyrics

Last updated: 07/16/2012 11:00:00 AM

(Chorus 2x)
Here is our King
Here is our Love
Here is our God who's come to bring us back to him
He is the one,
He is Jesus

(verse 1)
From wherever spring arrives to heal the ground
From where ever searching comes to look itself
A trace of what we're looking for
so be quiet now, and wait

The ocean is growing
The tide is coming in
Here it is:

(Chorus 2x)
Here is our King
Here is our Love
Here is our God who's come to bring us back to him
He is the one,
He is Jesus

(verse 2)
And what was said to the rose to make it unfold
Was said to me, here in my chest
So be quiet now, and rest.

(Pre-Chorus)(Chorus 2x)

(Bridge 2x)

(chorus 3x)(bridge 1x)

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Amazing | Reviewer: Bea | 7/16/12

Great song. To me it reminds me of the day that Jesus will come back for us. "He is our God whose come to bring us back to Him" "Majesty, finally." That promise is about to be fufilledd! Get ready people. Jesus is coming soon! :D

Obsure? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

Aaron: David described this song as a response to the Tsunami that happened in east asia back in 2004 or 2005. Read in that context its plain to see where some of the descriptive lyrics are coming from.

obscure | Reviewer: aaron | 6/30/10

the lyrics are too obscure. it would be great to have some clarity on what this song is about. is this about a sinner's coming to faith? is this about the advent of Christ? what then when the tide goes out? is this about a Spiritual "manifestation." Crowder, please clarify.

IN LOVE | Reviewer: Corey Gibson | 4/1/08

I am absolutely in love with this sound... This is the cry of my heart. He is my King, my love and the God who is going to bring me back to him... He is the only one and HIS NAME IS JESUS!!!

corey g.
youth pastor

i love this song | Reviewer: megan | 7/20/07

i love this song it is so good i cant wait to met david crowder band there is good i think that god is so proud of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it | Reviewer: Whittney | 6/25/07

I love the majesty, finally part...they sung it at church and I could feel the passion and power. Wonderful song-Whittney M.

Great song | Reviewer: melissa | 1/1/06

Great song. It's by David Crowder, of course it's great