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I hope you’re doing fine out there without me
'Cause I'm not doing so good without you
The things I thought you'd never know about me
Were the things I guess you always understood
So how could I have been so blind for all these years
I guess I only see the truth through all this fear of living without you

And everything I have in this world
And all that I'll ever be
It could all fall down around me
Just as long as I have you right here by me

I can’t take another day without you
'Cause, baby, I could never make it on my own
I've been waiting so long just to hold you
And to be back in your arms where I belong
I'm sorry I can't always find the words to say
But everything I've ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love

And everything I have in this world
All that I'll ever be
It could all fall down around me
Just as long as I have you right here by me

As the days roll on I see
Time is standing still for me
When you’re not here
I’m sorry I can’t always find the words to say
Everything I’ve ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love

And everything I have in this world
And all that i'll ever be
It could all fall down around me
Just as long as I have you right here by me

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... | Reviewer: Alyssa | 1/3/10

I can hear the first sentence of this song and i break down inside. It reminds me of my ex...knowing the things nobody else knew, and yet being so understanding...and every second away from eachother was filled with sad emotion!

Romeo and Juliet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/09

Young love IS everything they say. I met my first love on the last day of school and we would never have seen each other agian if we didn't exchange numbers. Our holiday was filled with innocent romance, which we were oblivious to its actual truth. Not before long, my parents banned me from seeing him, and it caused extreme hard-ache. It was only in our separation that we realised what we had, and our love grew stronger. On the day I revealed that I would no longer be seeing them, I emailed this song because it was exactly how I felt... I didn't think I could go on. I learned to never take the small things for granted and to love as much as you can in the time you have because you don't know when it could all be gone in an instant.

Just as long as I have you right here by me | Reviewer: Sniper Spike | 3/20/09

A rollercoaster love affair that lasted for more than 5 years and suddenly halted to a stop in an instant, without me know the real reason behind it, She married the guy she just met and left me bleeding on the side, sometimes life isn’t fair, but I believe that ones lost will be replaced by someone better, now I am happily married ..but fate try to test me again, after 8 long years I appeared on her dream, she did use the internet to find me, just to tell me that she was sorry ..while typing the message she cried and remember the things we used to do, memories keeps flashing back…I am the missing part of her life’s puzzle, the colors for the gray area on her life, and I feel the same way too........DBGB / Crestview Florida

wishing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

to me this song describes the desperation he has for getting her back. i think it goes back to the old saying, "you dont know what you have until it's gone". he holds on with that last bit of hope..

Heart melting | Reviewer: Michelle | 11/26/08

I had a friend just recently that was hit in a head on collision. In all of that she passed away from her injuries. She has left the 3 beautiful girls and a husband behind. He had me listen to this song the other day and all I could do was sit there and not say a word.
I know he misses her and her girls miss her terribly. We all do and this is a very hard time for us all but she is in a better place.
God bless ya Marisa and we love and miss you.

First Love | Reviewer: Ericka | 11/22/08

This song reminds me of the moment where I realized that love is simply not enough to make it. My first love and I broke up and did not speak to each other for 17 years. We rekindled the friendship (and feelings) but realize that we are both married to different people and have children. The head and the heart are two seperate things...unlike when you are young and they are pure and singular.

wow | Reviewer: Josie | 7/18/08

so i have been talkin to my ex lately and he told me to download this song and listen to it. he told me not to cry i thought that he was just messing around but i listened to it and everythime i hear this song it makes me cry and think about him. i love you jeromy and i always will

my ex's song to me | Reviewer: Laura | 2/19/08

well today my ex sends me a text 2/18/08 at 9:13 pm

and he says "you make me so sad" i said why? he said "cause im listening to this sad song that reminds you and me." i came to here and looked up the words cause i played it to me and i couldn't hear it now i see the lyrics and its an amazingly awesome song.

this song is just like me and my ex.

i absolutely love this song now. the lyrics and song are so amazing. now i know why my ex was said cause this song describes how we both feel and what we felt when we were apart and separated this whole time we were together.

this song is so amazing :)

A Heart Breaker | Reviewer: Melissa | 9/2/07

This song makes my heart break a little bit every time I hear it. I love you Mark and I would rather fight with you for the rest of my life than live happliy ever after with anyone else.

Perfect song | Reviewer: Jamie | 8/26/07

For anyone who has a loved one in Iraq, this is the best song to describe the loneliness. Every word of this song is how I feel when my husband leaves to deploy.

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