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Tonex Help! Lyrics

Last updated: 05/12/2004 02:32:17 AM

Verse 1
I can’t believe media; they find it all entertaining
That’s a great idea; planting seeds in the next kid’s brain and
It’s an exploitation and we’re making light of travesty
God, help our nation…it’s teenage insanity

Columbine: can someone tell me what’s up with this?
Santee High, Granite Hills not far behind cuz
In this present time and day there’s got to be a better way
There’s gotta be a better way, yeah!

I need Jah
They need Jah
We need Jah
We need some help!

Verse 2
See my greatest fear has turned into reality
Never in a million years
Did I ever think it would come this close to me
Look at all these bodies blood dripping from their young hair
As the world keeps turning; God it seems like no one cares


Thanks to Anthony Reese for submitting Help! Lyrics.