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Hellyeah's beginnings can be traced back to 2003, when Chad
Gray and Tom Maxwell began discussing the possibility of a
supergroup with Greg Tribbett and Jerry Montano. They
couldn't decide on who to bring in on drums, but kept
Vinnie Paul Abbott in mind (not only was he a friend of the
members, Pantera had broken up in 2003, leaving Abbott
without a band). The idea of Hellyeah brewed, even when
Abbott joined Damageplan

After the 2004 onstage murder of Vinnie's brother Dimebag
Darrell, it became unlikely that Vinnie would ever want to More...

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perfect | Reviewer: bRiE
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Hellyeah

This song is a perfect anthem for the message I wanna tell all my friends...b/c without them I would not be here they save my life 24/7 365 everyday that their there for me is another day I live my life

ty:Ashley, Darrell, Jordan, Jeff, Dustin, Bryce, Kendra, Sahsa, Finis everybody

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