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Few bands get to the top and drop out so fast as Helloween.
Their career is characterized by ups, downs,
disappearances, new members, name changes and a lot of

The band started in end of '70's (1978 to be precise), when
Kai Hansen and Peter Sielck formed a band named Gentry,
with some guest musicians. Two years later, they decide to
invite two new members in the band: Markus Grosskopf on
bassist and Ingo Schwichtenberg on drums. And with the new
members they changed their name to Second Hell.

The band still wasn't satisfied More...

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Review about Helloween songs
Best lyrics ever! | Reviewer: Helloween lover
    ------ About the song HOCUS POCUS performed by Helloween

It's amazing the depth of this lyrics, how it talks about everything and about nothing at time, but the best of all, is the harmony between the instrumental, vocals and lyrics. his song is a masterpiece that no song ever will be able to get even close to it's toes. Greetings!

If I could fly review. | Reviewer: gabrieer
    ------ About the song IF I COULD FLY performed by Helloween

This is, in my view, one of the best song of the Power Metal group Helloween (this is a symphonic and acoustic rock song, Normally, Helloween usually do power metal songs, but this album is a bit special).

Expresses a sense of pain about something and uses a metaphor referring to if you could fly like a kind of salvation. To understand these songs is sometimes a rather complicated task because of the complexity of its lyrics (especially if we talk about a group like Halloween). However, they are good.

Even if you do not like their previous songs, you'll end up falling in love with this one.

Christian song | Reviewer: MegaA
    ------ About the song FUTURE WORLD performed by Helloween

Sounds like a Christian song about the afterlife and never being sadened again. Would not suprise me if it is meant to be a christian song as the song keeper of the 7 keys is definetely that.

=) | Reviewer: Asa Takätälvi
    ------ About the song KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS performed by Helloween

Such an amazing song. It holds so much meaning. We are all the keepers of the seven keys. Throughout our lives, we could either add more water to the seven seas, or we could help by throwing the key. By ourselves we cannot lock up the seas, but together we can. We can bring a world with no hate, fear, senselessness, greed, ignorance, or disease. Isn't that what we all really do want? =)

"You're the keeper of the seven keys,
you locked up the seven seas.
And the seer of visions can now rest in peace
there ain't no more demons and no more disease
and mankind, live up, you're free again
yes the tyrant is dead, he is gone, overthrown
you have given our souls back to light"

Great | Reviewer: Deathborn oscarcbneto@hotmail.com
    ------ About the song EAGLE FLY FREE performed by Helloween

The lyrics are great, however, I disagree with the person who made them. "Together we'll fly someday". That is completely wrong, 'cause when I see this humanity and the evil that they have come to be . . . well, we've come to a point of no return, where everyone begs for a chance to at least understand what's going on.

The best song of helloween | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song DON'T STOP BEING CRAZY performed by Helloween

I mean, the lyric is amazing and describe your soulmate at least mine.

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