Hellogoodbye Lyrics

FORREST: vocals, guitar and then some
JESSE: keyboard
MARCUS: bass
CHRIS: drums

Hellogoodbye is all about having fun. What started out as a
casual recording project in one boy's bedroom quickly
became the most lighthearted rock-dance-roll band around
today. They may not be able to sell a ketchup popsicle to a
woman in white gloves but they could probably bring a smile
to her face.

Combining this happy-go-lucky outlook with good
songwriting, interesting instrumentation and clever
wordplay, hellogoodbye is sure that almost no one can More...

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Review about Hellogoodbye songs
Nice | Reviewer: NoneOfYourBusiness
    ------ About the song Here In Your Arms performed by Hellogoodbye

A great song but you guys with your stupid comments have totally ruined it. Another thing, WHY have you published your sex life below then written unreadable comments? What was going through your MIND then?! Just shut up. Great song anyway and I'd advise you to not look at the comments below.

Good Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Here In Your Arms performed by Hellogoodbye

I like this song and, although corny, love the lyrics. As for the other reviews I have read about this song on this site, the only thing I can say is thus ends the English language. I'm a 15 year old girl and still find no reason to "tlk lik dis all dah tymmmeee <3!!!"

:) | Reviewer: Bleghblegh
    ------ About the song Dear Jaime... Sincerly Me performed by Hellogoodbye

Good job on getting the lyrics right! :P Dear Jamie is such a cute, lovely, and a little bit sad of a song. "Every page I tried my best to think of something to contest with
Inside jokes and other folks who've got much more to say." wanting to do his best to tell her how much he loves her, such a good story :)

lame...! | Reviewer: princess pink
    ------ About the song Here In Your Arms performed by Hellogoodbye

ohh uhh wehl yea i phukkn luhv dish song... forever nd yea me nd mhyy boifrenn rr gng wehl cuz i showed dish song to hym nd he was like wtf... dat song ihs so lame... then i told hym it reminds me of hymm.. then yea he started likin eht haha [dats wat she said] yuppy phukk yhuu bitches if yhuu dnt like dish song yhur juhs phukkn haterzz. pshh

Meaning | Reviewer: Christina
    ------ About the song When We First Met performed by Hellogoodbye

I believe this song was written about forrest kline, the lead singer, asking his wife chelsea to marry him. They were together for six years before he proposed so when they say i ought to be nearer thats when he realized he needed to propose.

a writer | Reviewer: n!ck!
    ------ About the song Dear Jaime... Sincerly Me performed by Hellogoodbye

this song tugs at my heart in such a way it feels me with a longing of love.. ive loved hellogoodbye since they came out and this i have to say is my favorite song and always will be.. it means so much to me because im the sappy love-letter type.. i write them to my man a lot even if i dont give them to him ;)

I'm in love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Baby, It's Fact performed by Hellogoodbye

My fiance and I were trying to find the perfect song for our wedding, he used to sing this song to me and I totally forgot about it. We put my ipod on shuffle and this song came on, I'm so glad it did cause it brings back amazing memories for us and it describes us so well.

i miss her | Reviewer: jb
    ------ About the song I Just Think That She's The Best performed by Hellogoodbye

today my best friend stabed so i wrote this song for her

i really miss u so much without u im preatty much gone u were my life my savoir to me thats is why i will try to be ok you think im crazy and obbesed but really all i want is the best for u and i ask my why wazent me :( true

OMG | Reviewer: Sofei
    ------ About the song Here In Your Arms performed by Hellogoodbye

I love this song! <3 It reminds me of my boyfriend and I... We are in a long distance relationship, and we talk on Skype all the time... I want to see him, but we have to wait for like 4 years... Its soo hard! But love overcomes all...

Beautiful Melody | Reviewer: Kassandra
    ------ About the song The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps performed by Hellogoodbye

Life without her is so out of sorts it is completely impossible...impassibility does not exist here. The reason why I don't think they broke up is this, "What if your love is not the same. As it seems inside my brain?"...
I feel this way for my boyfriend...he is my life and I have never felt so right. And no I am not a stupid kid who believes in crap, so no annoying comments please. And She may not live with him, but he is not alone because her presence is there. Everything about her is perfection and not having her in his life period is an utter parallel. I believe he'd feel okay if they were not together, its not knowing her that kills him. And also in the chorus he explains makes her special and what he cannot live without.

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