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Playground school bell rings again
Rain clouds come to play again
Has no one told you she's not breathing?
Hello, I am your mind giving you someone to talk to

If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
Hello I am the light living for you so you can't hide
Don't cry

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
Hello, I'm still here
All that's left of yesterday

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Lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: Emily | 6/27/14

"Hello I am the light living for you so you can't hide" is actually "Hello, I am the lie living for you so you can hide"... Completely changes the meaning... -_____-

hopeless | Reviewer: French Freak | 2/24/14

this song is a very good reminder of what i have and not to take for granted. My family is not the best, but listening to this song makes me cry and it makes me believe in my family and friends, and even myself. It's hard to see what you have till it's gone, but it's a different story in this song :'( loving you evamescence <3

:'( | Reviewer: Fullmoon Darkstar | 9/13/13

My brother commited a suicide this year in April......I was alone in the house with him.....I'll never forget my mother screaming.......it left me breathless.....I spent 8 whole hours in my singer's sister room with her and my younger sis......but my big sister is an autistic.....she couldn't understand. what was happening. And my mother is still crying some times....I'm a teenager but I've never felt like one. I'm tired of my father, he's drunk the most of the time and then many arguments happen. My mother can't understand me and she never has time for.me. She never had.....I have only online friends and I've never had a loyal real friend. There have been so many times I wanted to hug someone and cry on their embrace......This.song reminds me what I always.say to.myself....hold on, be strong, face it, fight it, don't be a coward in front of life....I love my family no matter what....I don't complain about my life....I just want someone to be able to.trust....someone who will be able to hear me yell HELLO!!

... | Reviewer: Maky | 6/4/13

this song reminds me on my fucking life(soory for language) and songs of Evanescence reminds my of time when i try to give up and kill my self!!!!!! Evanescence(they songs) help me to anderstand thet in my life have a litl houp!!! my dad left me when i wasn't just bourn and my mum is newer home and i don't have friends (just 5 and they is not so much good) and i just want to tnx evanescence four help!!!!

Alternate Meaning | Reviewer: Crazy Uncle Rob | 5/29/13

This song may very well be about Amy's younger sister, yet there is something very deep and eerie about this song - almost cosmic in a sense. What if this song is about our Sun having a smaller, less vibrant sister, that seems to not be breathing, yet is there and only comes back to play every few thousand years bringing rain clouds? It has been so long that our Sun has to remind itself that her little sister is still there - Hello! Then she finally wakes to realize that she is there and she can be quite interesting and lively! What if?

I am so sad:( | Reviewer: desperate | 9/23/12

right now I listen this song because my mom is really sick and it is so hard to deal with her.. She is kind of schizophrenia and makes me really sad.. I dont want to hold on any more. I just want to go away. I'm sick of being hurt and disappointed by her. But this song tells me to be strong, tells me to be patient.. Hope I will or otherwise I will just walk away from home...

i haven't choose the right time | Reviewer: joseph | 5/26/12

i used to listen to few songs of this band but i never tried listening to another songs , including this one , it's a week ago i'm listening to evanescence only , since the show they performed here for the first time in my country , morocco' i haven't picked the right time to start listening to this song i'm about to pass some national exams and ,, i feel quite sure that i am the one to lose his sister not amy lee , and when we can get to the point behind a song , and share our emotions with the singer , then he is a real artist ( by the way excuse my english it's my fourth langague ) !

morgan | Reviewer: morgan | 11/2/11

I really like this song.I can relate to this song i feel the same way sometimes.Ive thought about how some people are all depressed but you have to get over it and deal with your problems I do and I still have a bad day but I go though alot of stuff too so I can say all this.I mean what if you dont have anyone any more then what are you going to do huh ???? thats what I dont understand when it comes to people.I just really like this song VERRYYYY MUCHHH muahhh :) Go Evanescence You Rockkkk!!!!!

When I`m listening this song I`m thinking about him... | Reviewer: Ieva | 8/23/11

I think this song is like a my friend life, becouse his GF left him and didn`t love him. ;) They was together 4 years, but he exGF lied him to love he and now his heart is broken and he don`t wanna be with me. I love him and I wanna be with him... But now I`m like this voice in his head and I wanna help him be alive again. ;) ( Sry for mistakes.. EnG not my language.. )

Unbelievable | Reviewer: Omar Abdel Latif | 7/21/11

When i hear this song i move into another world full of mystery and secrets .. i start looking at my past and if someone can really care for me .. but i am mostly not depressed.. the most part of this is that i like when it say don't fix me i am not broken .. i am trying to find something to live with these days but i am barely living .. i've been single for 2 years maybe because i am mostly searching for true love and not a french kiss .. I Love You Evanescence

never give up | Reviewer: HoPe | 7/12/11

I do believe in one thing, if somebody deny my love to him then he's the loser and one day he'll come to say i was wrong ,however, i wont be care about him.
Always tell yourself you are valuable as stars. Only few people can reach them who will be really next to u no matter what happen and will give u the strong from their love.

missed... | Reviewer: Narges | 6/22/11

Everybody loves somethings and someone,and me too,but somethings and someone who I love,missed...I love a time and a guy who missed...I havent any way,because time spend from them.
when I listen to this song remember bad days,and remember how I missed time and couldn't do anything!I can't do nothing,he is old now!
be carefull about your time and dont miss time,cause u will miss your love...
forgive me if had any mistakes in words,cause En is not my first language...

ashleighrenee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

Amy-Lee has such a haunting voice. She can touch the hearts of everybody that listens, no matter what they have been through. There is not a single song, that her amazing talent does not show through. There is, and never will be, anyone quite like her. Evanescence's music helps people get through the toughest times, even if it does bring back horrific memories, like it does for me.

04/06/2011 | Reviewer: sick | 4/6/11

i'm very sick. about 6 moths ago my mom told me that i'm sick, and she told me the diagnozes it was cancer.that minute i tought my hole worl just felt apart. i taught i'm gonna die, i was realy scared. the same day i ran away and came bach another day, i ran because i cant deal with my diagnozes, i thoaugt like what im gonna do, how about my friens, my family, how to tell them about it. when im read about the cancer i was shocked, i was like omg im gonna die, bu i didint, now im at home, but tomorrow im again going to the hospital, so far everything is good, but i hate chemotheraphy. well what i wanna to say is enjoy your life and everything will be okay, just believe in your self and life will be okay, everything will be okay, so fish me luck i realy wanna convalesce.:)
p.s sorry about mistakes, english is not my first language

I've been through the same situation dear Eva | Reviewer: parisa | 3/14/11

when i was about 7years old,my brother and i were playing on the playground,he was 2,my mom asked me to take care of him for a while,i was playing with firecrackers that for a second,just a second i thought it would be funny to.... i didnt mean to hurt him ,i swere to God,and now he is gone and all i can do is nothin,its killing me to remember him after all these 14 years

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