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George Thorogood And The Destroyers Hello Little Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2011 10:00:00 AM

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Well, hello little girl
I gotta little talk with you
About some things you let me believe you'd do
And now I know you've got no intentions to

Well, it's come to me now
That we've been together too long
I've been holdin' out now
And I believe I'll be gone
So goodbye little girl this time I'm really gone

Well, your heart's full of rock
And you reel like a rollin' stone
You don't even need me
You'd do better on your own
So goodbye little girl
This time I'm really gone

Honey I'm leavin' now
Although I love you still
I loved you then
And I guess I always will
Bye-Bye little girl
This time I'm gone for real

Bye-bye little girl
Bye-bye little girl
Bye-bye little girl
Bye-bye little girl
Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye

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