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Pantera Hellbound Lyrics

Last updated: 02/15/2011 10:00:00 AM

Eliminate, the life decline...
I've paid the masters with blood and hunger
..And it's not for sale by any stretch.
It's like religion without a Bible
And the Dragon lives inside my mouth
And it speaks in tongues, the word...

Hellbound - in Ft. Worth, Texas
Hellbound - Ft. Worth

Snakes, in Southern flames
To bring the thunder; the great decider
Would you believe in this or the ash?
I do believe it and it's taking over...


Born to a world so young and proud
But over your head hangs a black cloud
Grow your hair and crawl inside yourself
Because there you cannot hide
Facing fears that you'll overcome and one
Of these years you know you've won


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Grow your hair and crawl inside yourself | Reviewer: Phil's Bitch | 2/15/11

incredible message.I love Pantera.Heartbroken over you Dimebag.
This song is the one if you need to go on and don't want to.

\m/ as for you people keep rocking!

As for Mr.Anselmo: WILL YOU MARRY ME?!

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: Abdul Wasim | 5/10/07

THe only word comes in your mind after listening to this song is AWESOME! Life is full of problems you need to be a fighter to win it all and be the king in the end. Well written and sung by PANTERA with a great message.