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What does it take to be the most successful Dutch punk band
ever? A couple of years ago the answer would´ve been: 5000
albums sold worldwide, a two album deal with Black Sausage
Records in the US and a raving review in MaximumRockNRoll.
But that was before the Heideroosjes came along and changed

Punk was never big in Holland. Even in the seventies, when
safety pins and roadsign-sized buttons were all the craze,
no band ever made it past the social security office. But
twenty years after the first wave of pissed off More...

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My name is Jill | Reviewer: Jill (yes, it is)
    ------ About the song Da Doo Ron Ron # performed by Heideroosjes

in the second paragraph third line, it says "and when i walked to home" the song when i listend to it, it said "and when i walked HER home."
that's all! thx.

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