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Bob Schneider Heavy Lyrics

Last updated: 10/08/2002 02:22:35 AM

Day after day
Press onto each other
Week after week
Running for cover
While the ants and spiders
They tear at your skin
The beast in the shadows is
Your only friend
And the promise of tomorrow
Is a pale gray ghost
Who’ll pile on the tears
Pile on the tears
See who can pile on the most
Till you can’t stand
And you’re down n your knees
And the whole world wants you
And it’s begging you please
And you’re almost home
But you’ll never make it
It’s heavy too heavy
To make it alone
And the worlds like bullets
Fly from your lips
And stack into ruins
And break me to bits
And tumble from the air
And ruin my clothes
And sink me down low
And the screams don’t worry
And the crabs have enough to eat
At the bottom of the ocean
Where the darkness sleeps
And the weight of the world presses down down down
Till it cracks your bones