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Heavy Heavy Low Low Biography

Last updated: 01/25/2008 11:00:00 AM

We are heavy heavy low low. We are Robbie Dalla, Danny Rankin, Chris Fritter, Andrew Fritter, and Matthew Caudle. Drawing from a broad range of influences we create music that is both expressive and emotional, combining various elements of grind, hardcore, metal and late 90's 'screamo' with a slight dose of catchiness. We write and play songs that step away from the monotony of hardcore and metalcore, while still giving kids something to dance to. One of our main goals is to break the mold of 'verse, chorus, breakdown, verse, chorus, breakdown' hardcore by writing dynamic, to the point, and energetic songs. Combining grinding guitars, creative bass lines, guttural vocals, and a blast beat or two, we have developed a sound that is hopefully somewhat unique. Our typical live show consists of 10-12 songs, clocking in at about 20 minutes with no breaks in between songs. This translates into a visceral experience for both us in the band, and hopefully the people at the show. We have self-produced a 5 song EP/Demo which is out of print, and are currently recording for a full length to be released on 12 gauge records later this year. We have recently completed a successful mini west coast tour with our friends Hatchet and Annie and are planning another tour for December. So if you can, come to a show and get sweaty.