Heavy D Albums

  • Love Opus Album (9/27/2011)
    Love In a Bottle
    Valentine 2/14
    Still Missing You
    I Can't
    Put It All on Me
    Love Your Soul
    Dance for You

  • Vibes Album (12/6/2008)
    Long Distance Girlfriend
    No Matter What
    Queen Majesty
    Love Me Like This
    My Love Is All I Have
    Hugs And Kisses
    Private Dancer
    Chasing Windmills

  • Heavy Album (6/15/1999)
    Like Dat Dhere
    Imagine That
    You Know
    Don't Stop
    Dancin' In The Night
    Ask Heaven
    On Point
    Spanish Fly
    I Know You Love Me
    I Don't Think So
    You Nasty Hev

  • Waterbed Hev Album (4/22/1997)
    Big Daddy
    Keep It Comin
    You Can Get It
    Shake It
    Justa Interlude
    Can You Handle It
    Wanna Be A Player
    Get Fresh Hev
    Big Daddy (Remix)

  • Nuttin' But Love Album (5/24/1994)
  • Blue Funk Album (1/12/1993)
  • Peaceful Journey Album (7/2/1991)
  • Big Tyme Album (6/12/1989)
  • Living Large... Album (5/1/1987)

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