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Barry Manilow Heaven Lyrics

Last updated: 02/21/2010 10:00:00 AM

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There’s a new place called heaven honey
Under the neon sign
When I get you to heaven honey
I’m gonna make you mine
Everybody is so in love there
We’ll be rockin’ and rollin’
Heaven isn’t very far
So why don’t we jump in the car

And let me take you to heaven, heaven
Let me (I’m gonna) take you to heaven, heaven
And when I take you to heaven
Wait and see
We’re gonna think we’re in heaven
You and me

Wait till you see the stars in heaven
Dancing the night away
You’re gonna be my loving angel
Up until the break of day
It’s like heaven above in there
And when you’re ready for loving
My place isn’t very far
So why don’t we jump in the car

Repeat Chorus twice

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