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Modern Talking Heaven Will Know Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Heaven Will Know

When I`m down and feeling blue
I close my eyes, oh, just to be with you
I`m a dreamer and you know
You are my woman and I`ll never go
God put an angel here on earth
Who gave me more than all I`m worth
You are my angel in the night
In the darkness you`re the light

Heaven will know, oh, heaven will know my love will grow baby
Heaven will know, that I need you so, I can`t say goodbye lady
Heaven will know that I`ll never let go and I`ll stay until my heart stands still
No matter what baby, be what you are
Heaven, send me an angel
Heaven, send me a star

Don`t let me down, take my hand
Now and forever, be my friend
Take my Loving heart tonight
You are a woman till the morning light
I dry the tears I`ve never shown ( never shown)
An empty house I call my own
You are my angel in the night
In the darkness you`re the light

And it`s more than a passing phase
And it`s more than a few nice days
And it`s more than i`ve ever known
and I`ll never be alone

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