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Randy Newman Heaven Is My Home Lyrics

Last updated: 08/15/2013 07:14:02 AM

Heaven is my home
Heaven is my home
Now this sweet world is precious to me

I have traveled down this road before
On a journey for a friend
Been away but now I'm back for more
Goin' down this road again

You know he answers every prayer
But you better do your part
Spirits all around you everywhere
But you gotta open up your heart
You gotta open up your heart

You're alone when you come in this world
You're alone when you go
And it doesn't matter who you are
It doesn't matter who you know

Keep on listening for that quiet voice
That's the way to start
The door is open but you have a choice
You've got to open up your heart
You've gotta open up your heart

Oh this world is dear to me
But Heaven is my home
This is where I long to be
But Heaven is my home

When your life seems gloomy
Teardrops start to fall
Send the word back to me
And I'll be there when you call

I've been down this road before
But Heaven is my home
And I'm comin' back (yeah) (in the morn?)
Heaven is my home
Heaven is my home

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Under New Contruction | Reviewer: Evangelist e.g. williams | 8/15/13

This was my first Missionary Sermon, 1975 thereabout, don't really recall the date but I recall the Message that the Lord gave to share that Mission Sunday Service "I am under New Construction"
Song was: Heaven is my goal each & every day
The message has not changed, Readers please dont for get this message "Heaven is our Goad if you are under a New Construction"
thank you for posting & the readers. STL MO