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Hear the sound
The angels come screaming
Down your voice
I hear you've been bleeding

Make your choice
They say you've been pleading
Someone save us

Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We'll hear the sound
As you're falling down

I'm at this old hotel
But can't tell if I've been breathing or sleeping
Or screaming or waiting for the man to call
And maybe all of the above
Cause mostly I've been sprawled on these cathedral steps
While spitting out the blood and screaming
"Someone save us!"

Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We'll hear the sound
As you're falling down

And will you pray for me?
Or make a saint of me?
And will you lay for me?
Or make a saint of?

Cause I'll give you all the nails you need
Cover me in gasoline
Wipe away those tears of blood again
And the punchline to the joke is asking
Someone save us

Heaven help us now
Come crashing down
We'll hear the sound
As you fall

And would you pray for me?
(You don't know a thing about my sins
How the misery begins)
Or make a saint of me?
(You don't know
So I'm burning, I'm burning)
And will you lay for me?
(You don't know a thing about my sins
How the misery begins)
Or make a saint?
(You don't know
Cause I'm burning, I'm burning)

Cause I'll give you all the nails you need
(I'm burning, I'm burning again)
Cover me in gasoline again

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Wow some of these comments are dumb. | Reviewer: beth | 12/14/11

Do you get the lyrics at all? They're hardly ever meant to be taken literally. Search for a deeper meaning yeah? This song isn't about religion. MCR don't preach, Gerard has stated that he isn't 'in to organized religion'. In my mind, this song is saying how people always ask for help, or expect a higher power to 'save them', as it were, when they don't even attempt to save themselves.
The lines "Cause I'll give you all the nails you need
Cover me in gasoline
Wipe away those tears of blood again
And the punchline to the joke is asking
Someone save us"
-to me, means you're willing to participate and even aid in your own self destruction, yet you still ask for help. Ask o be saved. The reference to crucifixion is metaphorical.
ANYWAY, this is an awesome song, awesome guitars, awesome vocals.

Heaven Help Us? | Reviewer: Colin | 8/29/11

I love this song with a passion. The way I see the song is meant, is it's a love song, but also a cry for help. Just the chorus, he is pleading for help, for a saviour of some kind. Then "will you pray for me, make a saint of me", he's either asking for help or make him the hero. Either way you look at it, It's one awesome song! <3

Wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/11

I love this song but who cares about mcr's religion? who cares about their looks? I just love them for their music and personality xoxo
Anyway I think the lyrics are about how he is in a troubled relationship but still loves her

love | Reviewer: nathalie | 5/15/11

i love this song sooooooooooooo much i would die for this song . its the most awesomeist song in the world. it tops all te other songs especially justin bieber. i love my chemical romance and all thier songs . u rock my cheical romance.
~ peace and love ~

Beautiful. | Reviewer: Natalie | 5/8/11

I'm pretty sure MCR are Christian, but not strictly so. They loosely follow the guidelines of Christianity, but they do have their own ideas of what happens when you die, how the earth was created, etc. Also, little fun fact, Frank Iero did attend Catholic school, so...

Anyways, BEAUTIFUL song. Amazing vocals, extremly powerful. Is now my fave.

just great. <3 | Reviewer: Zebra Minx :D | 3/7/11

i'm pretty sure, mcr is not christian. i am, and i love mcr sooooo much, their music saved me often. maybe god showed me mcr, but i really don't think they're christian. i am not protestant or catholic, i just believe in god and his son jesus. and i think, everybody believes in something. and god is different to everybody. of course i really hope, they believe in god. but i'm sure they don't. too bad. ;)

thx to my chemical romance, billy talent and god. ;) <3

Actually... | Reviewer: Gia | 8/17/10

My Chem isn't a Christian band. Mikey and Gerard were raised Catholic, and both have stated that they aren't anymore. Gerard has called himself an atheist more than once. Frank was also raised Catholic, and appears to question his faith. In LOTMS, he says "If there is a God, I thank him every day for Bob Bryar." As for Bob and Ray, I don't know.

wrongers | Reviewer: kelli | 6/7/10

okay so the people on here who are saying that mcr is a total athiast band or a total christian band ur wrong. none of them are athiast gerard and mikey are catholic in fact there is a pic of gerard with catholic written on his neck in black sharpie. ray toro doesnt even have a rligion stated. frank iero is catholic and he did go to a catholic school most of his life and as for bob bryar im not sure and he sadddddddddddddly isnt in the band anymore and i miss him very much. so u people are mostly wrong about their religion.

Amazing | Reviewer: Lizzie | 3/5/10

My Chemical Romance is a VERY talented band, and I have loved them from the very start. Yes, they are in fact hot, but the music is about ten times HOTTER. I always feel like they wrote these songs just for me. These guys saved my life. I will love MCR forever!

YAYZ FOR THAT SONG!!! | Reviewer: Rebekka(MCR lover!!!) | 12/2/09

I love that song!!! Its my favorite!!! And now i'm gonna scream: "UAAAAAAHHHH! I LOVE YOU GEE!!!" i'm no fangirl! I liked their music long before i saw how they looked. Gee is my friggin idol!!! His lyrics are amazing!!!

shock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/09

I listened to the song for the first time just recently so i didn't know the words but i did catch that line "Cause mostly i've been sprawled on these cathedral steps while spitting out the blood and screaming 'Someone save us!'". The second i heard that something just shocked me inside. I think because of how deep that line is. It's a great song and this band is just amazing. They're fantastic song writers. Each one of their songs is different in it's own way and just has the most incredible lyrics. This band will always be spectacular!

powerful. | Reviewer: Mayaa | 8/14/09

everything about this song is powerful, i just fell in love with it the first time i heard it(: i mean this band never fails to amaze me with the great music the produce. and no, i'm not going to scream and shout.


.. cause that crack pees me off. sorry little fan girls who like this band based on looks only, because you seriously are missing out on something wonderful, i mean just look at these lyrics.


omg....... | Reviewer: Lyra | 7/1/09

i'm in love with this song...
MCR always has such nice lyrics....
im killed by'heaven help us now'....
after i heard this song i realised that this is the same sentence that i have been screaming all this time...
god...its like Gee knows what im thinking about..

.... | Reviewer: ada333 | 6/24/09

I love that song, cant stop listening to it....
I think that it has a very deep meaning, I think its kinda holy song.... I started listening to MCR when i first heard "famous last words" on MTv, and "heaven help us" was their 3rd song i heard....Now im listening to their music for about 3 years and they are my favourite band.... I think that the song "heaven help us" is about all the bad things in the world caused by people who will destroy themselves with their own evil.... so gee is praying to God to send help from heaven and forgive them their sins before the human beens erase everything God gave them....but thats just what i think....=)

incredible | Reviewer: Lily | 5/23/09

MCR aren't particulary religios, raised religious but don't follow a faith. As this was the Bside on TBP in Japan, i'd say that it is partially about God, because the album is very focused on that death complex so naturally God would come into that somewhere.

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