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When Martyn Ware and lan Craig Marsh lift The Human League
in the Autumn of 1980, there was a great deal of
speculation about what they would do next. What they did
was form the British Electric Foundation, "a thinking
production company" whose purpose is to act as the
cornerstone to a number of varied musical activities.
B.E.F. announced their existence in England with the
release of a cassette-only album called Music For
Stowaways. At the same time, the blueprint for Heaven 17
had been formulated, and the work begun.

Martyn and More...

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Reviews about Heaven 17 songs

fantastic AND timeless | Reviewer: phil
    ------ About the song TEMPTATION performed by Heaven 17

This song is about a man who has had the opportunity to stray and has done so.... hence the words "ive never been closer, try to understand...." and.."leave no track, dont hold back".... keading to later in the song ... "face it tonight"... just think about it and reread the lyrics its all there. and brilliant. I am watching the Sheffield 2010 performance and the lady singing is unbelieveable!!!

Gat Temptation | Reviewer: Holmwood
    ------ About the song TEMPTATION performed by Heaven 17

Is it me or does this song have gay connotations – I like this song very much - often batter it out in the car on long journeys – it sounds as if it’s a guy first night out on the town – he’s fighting with his homosexuality – not wanting to admit it to himself – gets bamboozled by the whole thing and has some kind of event?

Who knows – still a cracking song now – ageless?

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