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Toni Childs Heaven's Gate Lyrics

Last updated: 10/23/2001 08:40:06 PM

a man I met in my youth
came to me in the light of truth
a beautiful dream that was
till he died one rainy fall
there I was a child bride
widowed at ninteen, defied
never would I let him go
go to the place that heaven knows

on the evening of his death
my shoulders felt a brushing breath
cold were his hands on my breast
the man that I loved and put to rest
he came to me and held me close
we danced til dawn in the early snow
there I felt him cry and cry
"I'll never leave, leave your side"

oh the madness
this town thinks I'm mad
sixty years, has it been a dream
this man I'm haunted by, I see

I'm eighty years and on my bed
awaiting death, that final breath
he sits by and looks to me
"soon you will come and be with me"
now I feel all warm inside
as I leave this mortal body behind
seems it is eternal's way
we're waltzing into heaven's gate