Heartland Albums

  • The Stars Outnumber The Dead Album (5/29/2007)
    The Goddess Did Not Produce A Shadow
    The Blue Period
    I'm Not Wearing A Belt To N.Y.
    Ms. Elanious
    You And Me, We're Monsters
    Tackle The Monster
    $150 Worth Of Tarantulas
    It's Your Haunted Chair......You Drag It
    If We Take This Any Slower, We'll Have To Speed Up To Stop
    The Coliseum

  • I Loved Her First Album (10/10/2006)
    Boys Like Us
    Play Hurt
    Built to Last
    No Getting Over Me
    Let's Get Dirty
    Too Country
    Freebird in a Firebird
    I Loved Her First
    Mississippi Mud
    Judge a Man by the Woman

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    Reviews about Heartland albums

    Heartland - I loved her first. | Reviewer: April
        ------ About the album I Loved Her First performed by Heartland

    I loved this song from the moment I had heard it.. I don't usually listen to country music but Had been searching for a song for my step dad and I to dance to at my upcoming wedding and I knew right awsy this would be the perfect song. The words are just perfect and even though he was not there when I was born the song does not lend itself completely to that fact. Thank You Heartland for the song and hope there are many more like this one...

    Heartland-I LOVED HER FIRST | Reviewer: Shawnee Anthony
        ------ About the album I Loved Her First performed by Heartland

    i love this song its so deep and me and my dad aren't to close but when we hear this song we cry and thats something special for us so i want to thank heartland for making it and i wish them the best of luck on thur music,,,....shawnee...,,,

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