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Live and sin
Ten years ago on this day, my heart was yearning
I promised I would never ever be returning
Where my baby broke my heart and left me yearning

(Hee hee)

As we walked into the room, there were faces
Staring, glaring, tearing through me
Someone said welcome to your doom
Then they smiled with eyes that looked as if they knew me
This is scaring me

We walked up the stairs still concealing gloom
And there were two girls sitting in my room
She walked up to my face
And said this is the place
You said meet you right here at noon (ooh)

This is Heartbreak hotel
Welcome to Heartbreak hotel
So this is Heartbreak hotel
This place is Heartbreak hotel

Hope is dead
She thought that I had cheated for another lover
I turn my back to see that I am undercover
Now I can't convince this girl there ain't no other

(Hee hee)

Someone's evil hurt my soul
Every smile's a trial thought in beguile to hurt me
This is scaring me
Then the man next door had told
He's been here in tears for fifteen years
This is scaring me

We came to this place, where the vicious dwell
And found that wicked women run this strange hotel
There was Sefra and Sue,
Every girl that I knew
And my baby said love is through (ooh)

This is Heartbreak hotel
Welcome to Heartbreak hotel
So evil Heartbreak hotel
This place is Heartbreak hotel

Someone said my Heartbreak hotel
This is Heartbreak hotel
Ten years ago today
This is Heartbreak hotel…

Someone said my Heartbreak hotel
This is Heartbreak hotel
Ten years ago today
Hurt this my mind
You people pain is hard
This is Heartbreak hotel
Just work into the beat.

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Where to Find this Song | Reviewer: asb | 10/16/12

This song is from the Jackson 5 Triumph album. It was written and produced by Michael and it gave a glimpse of the new style he would bring with his next album Off the Wall. It was one of his last hits with the Jackson 5, even though the other brothers are not singing background. I believe his brothers do perform the musical solo in the middle of the song (Tito or Jermaine). Anyway together the brothers jammed on this song!!!

THIS SONG IS GREAT :) | Reviewer: Ariana Rivera | 5/18/11

I really love this song because it has a great vibe to it :) and for asdf.. i understand what this song about so shut the hell up? you're just a hater so get out. i love michael jackson, always did, always will!! <333333 :) we miss you baby boyyy.

mjfan#1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/11

I saw this song perform live in the 1st concert date of the Bad Tour in Japan. I Love right after he sings the lyrics and my baby said love is through, he just grabs he's crotch is so sexy. Awesome song, just like all he's music. MJ4EVER
with the love-L.O.V.E. -mjfan#1 :-)

asfd FUCK YOU | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/11

atscuze me you dumb bitch asfd dont tlk sbout micheal jackson like that and i hope he come see you i your dreams BITCH and to all yall other fans i like him to i wanted to meet him but of course he is resting were he belongs that moment was sad but we can still worsthip him rest in peace micheal :)

RIP. iLY MJJ. <3 | Reviewer: Shari | 10/11/10

First I would like to respond to mjiloveyouXD, I dont really understand your question but I believe this song was on Michael Jackson The Ultimate Collection. I dont know if that helps but I hope it does :). & Also to whoever wrote anonymously and their title was "asdf", umm if you dont even like him why are you commenting. So you should just really shut up.[not trying to start a fight]. & Lastly I'd like to add saying that I really like this song like all of Mj's songs, Hopefully The King is Resting In Peace <33

mjiloveuxD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/10

I really love this song <3
But Im only 13 and Im wondering this song wasent it released???? Its not on any of his solo albums? Where is it from ?:O was it supposte to be at any of the albums??? plis help ;)
RIP MJ ur the glow in my eyes

asfd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/10

its crazy how all these idiots love this song, not knwing what he is truly talkin about in this song. its truly crazy how pple love this man, nd worship him, not knwing tht he was jus a pawn, in this masoninc wolrd. WAKE UP DUMB BLIND PPLE.

Great Story | Reviewer: Damion | 2/20/10

i fell in love with this song as soon as i heard the Michael Jackson was the best and there will never be another Michael Jackson in my time i'm glad to have lived in his era he was the best story telling

The Man | Reviewer: Pamela Blacksheare | 1/16/10

One of his greatest that most people slept on. Long live the KING, Rest in peace Mike. I can see you now moonwalking around heaven. You have blessed so many with your kindness and of course with your music that makes me feel sad that your gone but also with joy. I'm so honored that I lived in your time.

The Song | Reviewer: VICTOR HOWELL | 11/10/09

You know I never really listened to this song til about 2 yrs ago. Now I play it every morning before I go to work. This is truly one of Michael's best songs. Yes he has so many great ones, but this is one that stands out because of the affection and energy that he puts into this particular song. Michael Jackson will always be the greatest of all time. You are gone but never will be forgotten !!!

More buried treasure | Reviewer: Will | 8/27/09

Good, there's others. Why isn't this song ever mentioned? In L.A. when I was a kid, the radio used to play it all the time. Another reason why I say the mainstream media is whacked! It's like they try to hide stuff from people. P.S. Does anyone remember the Jackson 5 cartoon?

This song was the Start of the Thriller Vibe | Reviewer: Oliver Bryson | 7/29/09

One of my favourite MJ songs. Felt and empthaized with his my pain when I was young searching.

You can hear the start of the "thriller vibe" in what was to come. Haunting strings and ghostly sounds.

RIP Mike !

Genius,nuff said | Reviewer: pat | 7/23/09

MJ will be in 200 years time the Mozart or Strauss of our generation,very mis-understood but his music spoke more than anything else to the listening public,this song inparticular speaks volumes about how much detail MJ put into the production,from the full string participation ,the funky bass riff and the lead / background vocals,to the rock guitar solo .This song IS a timeless classic. rest in peace Michael,your music will live on forever.

My first record | Reviewer: Michael Anderson | 7/8/09

This was actually my first record I purchased myself when I was 12. I love this cut. I have been singing this cut for 20+ years ..still never really knew the exact lyrics ..LOL wow...RIP Michael....

Best Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/09

I love this song so much after seeing Michael perform it in 1988 at Cardiff, i have never been able to get hold of it until now!!!! Many thanks, he should have been credited more for his outstanding talent, he went to young xx

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