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Charles Hamilton Heartb eat Lyrics

Last updated: 08/30/2012 05:44:53 AM

Simple sonic Charles doctor, do me
I don’t know what came first after.
Raded, room, check out the groom,
If you ever marry in secret, looser.
Stadium, crooked, naked, true,
Take it, rumors, rumor, hated,
Pave it, greatest, miles and miles having,
Safest radar make this would be
To take out the dangers placement would be
Be inside of a basement, you see.

It’s called hunting, it’s called a pluming to one at me
Of me, but I’ve been scratching wicked
From brought up to pave it, whatever that made it
Maybe to eat her, unscratch it for now.
Baby, I’m not trying to break up the flow,
Just trying to wake up the no who so I can take it home, like

Follow me, follow me.
I’m fucking schizophrenic.

Multiple stoculars, who might mirror,
Me, say who got mirrors to me
The microphone has a inflection to blasters
Looking at me while I’m looking at in my seat
But missed the mic, you missed to coop the mic
Me been the god who seen
Beneath and between the lines I was reading
Between the lines where the mic is true speaking to you.
But I am not magnetized, I’m supertronic, the body, the mind so I can speak it to you.
What could be thought between the mic,
Just the MC, so hi!
If you decide to apply, picking this is a daze,
I would give you my equal the shit.
And then I’ve been you within, I dare to begin
Waiting and sitting in this same damn time.

Follow me, follow me.
I’m fucking schizophrenic.

We have thought of, at the, the pain, my grin,
My pain stays inside my lane
Quit it, nigger, I’m not trying to figure,
Astrology says I am a fucking bigger picture
And I ain’t wanna tell her about it and I ain’t asking for narrow
I’m simply asking for apologies and mass from the talent.
Money roll, come home, I don’t smoke, listen,
A pendul, revenging, one more obsession .
Might be you, then, again, it might be true.
The Vicodin and all the other pills I decided to take
They’re telling me I need to commitment,
Fellow one, listen, the top shelf, I’m giving you
Less and please do not interrupt this KNISE
If you don’t know circle shit, step away,
Put your heartbeats every day, blessing
You’ve been prayed.

Follow me, follow me.
I’m fucking schizophrenic.