Heart Albums

  • Fanatic Album (10/2/2012)
    Dear Old America
    Walkin' Good
    Skin And Bones
    Million Miles
    Rock Deep (Vancouver)
    59 Crunch
    Corduroy Road
    Bonus Tracks
    Two Silver Rings

  • Red Velvet Car Album (8/31/2010)
    There You Go
    Red Velvet Car
    Queen City
    Hey You
    Saffronia's Mark
    Death Valley
    In The Cool

  • Jupiter's Darling Album (6/22/2004)
    Make Me
    Oldest Story In The World
    The Perfect Goodbye
    Move On
    I Need The Rain
    I Give Up
    No Other Love
    Led To One
    Down The Nile
    I'm Fine
    Fallen Ones
    Lost Angel
    Hello Moonglow
    How Deep It Goes
    Fallen Ones (Unplugged)

  • Greatest Hits Album (8/25/1998)
    Strong, Strong Wind
    Magic Man
    Crazy On You
    Dreamboat Annie
    Little Queen
    Kick It Out
    Love Alive
    Straight On
    Dog And Butterfly
    Even It Up
    Bebe Le Strange
    Tell It Like It Is
    This Man Is Mine
    How Can I Refuse
    Rock & Roll (Live)

  • Desire Walks On Album (11/1/1993)
  • Brigade Album (3/26/1990)
  • Bad Animals Album (5/1/1987)
  • Heart Album (6/1/1985)
  • Passionworks Album (8/1/1983)
  • Private Audition Album (5/1/1982)
  • Bebe Le Strange Album (2/1/1980)
  • Dog & Butterfly Album (9/1/1978)
  • Magazine Album (4/1/1978)
  • Little Queen Album (5/1/1977)
  • Dreamboat Annie Album (3/1/1976)

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    Reviews about Heart albums
    Heart-Dreamboat Annie LP | Reviewer: John Scheidt
        ------ About the album Dreamboat Annie performed by Heart

    Probably my favorite Heart album of all. I own many. Very talented sisters from the Pacific Northwest. Writing, Guitar, Flute etc. Used to watch them in the early seventies at Parkers Ballroom in north Seattle. I knew immediately that they would be stars soon.
    Thank you for all of the memories

    Little Queen | Reviewer: superstar thompson
        ------ About the album Little Queen performed by Heart

    This album rocks,especially "Barracuda",that gives the band to have a chance to earn a suprise.The only songs I listened to is "Crazy On You","Magic Man",and "Barracuda".Even though the debut album "Dreamboat Annie" is the best album ever by Heart.You should by this album and "Dreamboat Annie"!!!!!!!

    voice of angels | Reviewer: Roman Klis
        ------ About the album Brigade performed by Heart

    I love to listen to Ann voice Is briliant and what the pity she not become better solo singer as Celine Dijon did......Tell me where I can buy all Heart Albums... I am Australian and here is not much to buy of their / Heart /music
    Thanks to all of You there...

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