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Wanda Jackson Heart Trouble Lyrics

Last updated: 06/14/2005 11:00:00 AM

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Writer Paul Kennerley

The way you treat me baby
Cheat and tell me lies
I guess I shouldn't care at all
But still I sympathize
'Cause you've got heart trouble
Coming on
Yeah you got heart trouble coming on
Well you think that you don't need me baby
But you're gonna miss me when I'm gone
You say that love can't touch you
You feel no pain at all
You think that you're above it baby
but I believe you'll fall
'cause you've got heart trouble coming on
Yeah you got heart trouble coming on
Well, you'll get down on your knees baby
Begging me to come back home
You tell me you'll find someone else
But on one's gonna care
'cause you have left a trail
of broken hearts everywhere
Now, you'll got heart trouble coming on
Yeah, You'll got heart trouble coming on
Well you'll know just how it feels baby
When you're left here all alone

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