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(Words by Van Halen)

Ain't got no money, got no house on the hill
Tell me honey, will your lovin' pay my bills, yeah? Pay my bills
Neighbors gettin' crazy 'bout the noise next door
It's a major violation, carried away for sure, yeah. I know!

See, I been tried and convicted, it's winner take all
I wanna run for my money, that's all
I don't wanna

(I don't wanna hear about it later) Ah hear about it later
(I don't wanna, baby I don't wanna) I ain't gonna
(I don't wanna hear about it later) Take it then baby
(I don't wanna, baby I don't wanna)

Yeah! I'm walkin', don't need no ride No explanation, just wastin' time, yeah. All my time

I been tried and convicted, it's winner take all
I wanna run for my money, that's all!
An' I don't wanna

(I don't wanna hear about it later) I do what I want to
(I don't wanna, baby I don't wanna) I ain't gonna
(I don't wanna hear about it later) Do what I want to you
(I don't wanna, baby I don't wanna)

But you can try me at home, if it feels all right
But I ain't home, at night! Wow!

(Guitar Solo)

You can try me at home, if it feels all right
But I ain't home, at night! Ha-ha-ha!

Uh I don't wanna, I'll do what I please
Oh, I don't! Wanna. Ah baby, don't look at me
Yeah, don't look at me baby
Yes, mmm better take my chances
I been dreamin' 'bout tomorrow
I don't, I don't, I don't. Whaa-ha!
I don't wanna hear about that, no-ay!

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Love the early stuff | Reviewer: Yates | 11/15/10

Back in the late 80's, one of my buds and I debated who was better: Van Halen or Van Hagar. Naturally I took Van Halen. You know, I was (and am still) a great fan of VH(halen) and for a while I waned a bit as my musical tastes changed and found new and more exciting artists, but as Cary above intimates, Ed was very creative and quite experimental in his approaches to rhythms and leads. Naturally being a true musician (as I understand, Ed and Alex were classically trained to a degree), Ed does craft some quite tasty tunes which is one of the reasons I've stuck with them over the years. Their later work is paler in comparison to the first 6 albums (DLR being lead on these) in my opinion. I think the tension between [DLR and EVH]was more positive than negative, tho the effect was what it was. Dave was the Yin to Ed's Yang.

Sadly enough, Michael wasn't showcased [on earlier albums] as much as he should have been. Granted, it was Han Halen, no VH and Co. but reading an article in Guitar Player recently, Sammy and Joe [Chickenfoot] think Michael is the shiznit. My impression is that they could see his understatement in VH and now he has his oppty to shine. But that's fodder for later argument.

So VH or VH? That is the question. You know, I wish Ed would have put out a solo, even instrumental work that would include some collab. Now _that_ would be one super album.


My favorite van halen song probably | Reviewer: Snowday | 11/9/09

This song is phenomenal musically aside from the hokey premise due to Eddy. And I liked the songs where Dave went unscripted, they seem the most human and nobody does that now very often. I'm living this song right now, yep.

Hearing it years later ! | Reviewer: CARY | 3/3/06

When I first heard this on my cassette player sitting atop of the painted and most visible (some of you may remember) VH Rock off of the 91 freeway in Riverside Arlington exit, many years ago in a word I was awestruck! The color of sound..
I was listening to a live version of this song and it sounds pretty good except that Dave gets so sloppy! No wonder Edward said years ago that this was the era early 80's when he was rethinking Van Halen without Dave. The music in this creation stands which brings me to my next point, music serves as a vehicle to send a message even if it's not intentional. I'd guess that if this were about Dave or David Lee talking about the self centeredness of Dave, than
This song is one of many songs wherein the lyrics are especially personal to Dave. How could we relate unless we simply don't wanna hear it anymore (self serving, feeling selfish yet ideas?); however, the music in this case ties it together beautifully that the listener rediscovers not only another side of Eddie, but something new in the music itself. From the main riff which Edward related was initially written on the piano that runs throughout this tune and throughout the solo, to the textures weaved throughout the undulating end . This reminds me of one of many things said about Edward in that he is/was the best combination of a rythmn player and a great soloist as this song contains one of many memorable and yet spontaneous sounding solos, a great example of a song within a song. Remnants of opening lines heard here to this particular guitar solo can be found in songs as recent as Steve Vai's "Midway Creatures" on his Real Illusions CD and Dweezil Zappa does a great job of doing his own solo using the same opening lines of this Hear about it later solo in his tune "Gotta Get to YOu" Off of his True Confessions CD. Yes, we are hearing this later thank you Edward, now would'nt it be great if Edward were to continue to demonstrate he still loves playing and crafting witty tunes like this one, by releasing an instrumental album, afterall he said he has ten years worth of material..We'll lets have it. There are many examples of vocal lines created on the guitar and it will be done again.

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