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It isn't very difficult to see why
You are the way you are
Doesn't take a genius to realise
That sometimes life is hard
It's gonna take time
But you'll just have to wait
You're gonna be fine
But in the meantime

Come over here lady
Let me wipe your tears away
Come a little nearer baby
Coz you'll heal over
Heal over
Heal over someday

And I don't wanna hear you tell yourself
That these feelings are in the past
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You know it doesn't mean they're off the shelf
Because pain's built to last
Everybody sails alone
But we can travel side by side
Even if you fail
You know that no one really minds
Come over here lady

Don't hold on but don't let go
I know it's so hard
You've got to try to trust yourself
I know it's so hard, so hard

Come over here lady
Let me wipe your tears away
Come a little nearer baby
Coz you'll heal over, heal over, heal over someday

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healing | Reviewer: ex | 3/28/11

I struggle with an eating disorder and self-injury, and my friend played this song for me on her iPod today. I almost cried. This is everything that she's been trying to tell me and everything that I want to believe and can't find the strength to hope for. This song is a song about healing, obviously, but it's also about having someone to help you heal and give you hope, having someone to love you through the hard times and see you through to the other side.

Heal Over | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/08

This song is amazing!!!
"Don't hold on but don't let go
I know it's so hard
You've got to try to trust yourself
I know it's so hard, so hard"
This song reminds me about..me I want to let go on life because i hate it so much and trusting myself is sooo hard!

remind | Reviewer: Arran | 1/28/08

This song reiminds me of my gf, when she and i went through a bad patch in our relashionship, we heard this song and we knew we are gonna stay together no matter what happens.

Once in a generation | Reviewer: James Banta | 10/14/07

I am 50 years old and can count on one hand the number of times a song or songwriter has knocked me off my feet. If Kate keeps writing, I think I will need more hands. She touches my soul. Thanks Kate, Jaz

healed | Reviewer: lina | 10/12/07

i felt chills when i heard this song...its about trying in life...its about giving time to calm urself down and not just be okay! its full of honesty

Move On | Reviewer: Carole | 9/25/07

I found this song a a great comfort during a time that was difficult in my life. A friend and I had mutual feelings for each other, but could do absolutley nothing about it as he dated a good friend of mine and I dated his roommate. It was catch 22 for the both of us. We had one great night together and this song help me to hold on to that, while letting go of what could have been.

it left me breathless! | Reviewer: Sibby | 9/21/07

With lyrics straight out of a anyones life story, and a guitar chord that is so mesmorising I have not heard anything as beautiful for a long time, and when the 2nd guitar kicked in I felt hairs stand up on my arms... leaving me breathless. A truly honest and well deliverd song

Mmm | Reviewer: Melissa | 9/8/07

This song is beautiful. So meaningful and deep. I love it. It's a ballad about not having to just "get over it" when things happen in our lives. Beautiful.

une chanson trop .... je te trouve pas quoi dire ! | Reviewer: chemi | 9/2/07

c'est quoi ce bordel ? dire que je ne connaissais pas ... vais me peter un plomb it's an angel i love u Kt

True! | Reviewer: ToTrue | 6/27/07


its soo true...
its like at particular moments when you are feeling terrible...youd rather not hear that u have to move on...its better if u jus let time give u time?


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