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Reamonn Head In My Hands Lyrics

Last updated: 07/25/2007 11:00:00 AM

Head In My Hands

Crouched your room
It happened to soon
I know
Insults were thrown
You think that you're grown
by now
Feelings inside
start to subside
and grow
Where are you now (x2)
let me know

You got your head in your hands
stop screaming (x2)
stop screaming
Cause the world wakes up
and it pulls you in
you can do no wrong
it's loving you still
Yeah the world wakes up...

It's loving you
Where are you now (x2)
Tell me
are you scratching your eyes
are you torn up inside
tell me
Did your walls tumble down
Did they push you around
to much
Have you nothing to say
are you running away
from the touch

You got your head in your hands...

It's loving you still
loving you still (x2)
It's loving you

Yeah the world wakes up... (x2)

Yeah the world wakes up (x3)
I wish the world would wake up

It's loving you still
loving you still
loving you still
loving you

Thanks to George Adumitroae DE LA IASI ROMANIA for submitting Head In My Hands Lyrics.

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these guys are the best | Reviewer: Jenny Sheehan | 1/2/2007

head in hands is great but the band has no equal at this time i have said for the last three years the next wave would come from germany and you though a irish band did great there and they did angels fly you guys with xavier naidoo
you guys have been and i am a fan from going on three years now you guys should have been here years ago

your number one fan in the states Jenny

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