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Aerosmith Head First Lyrics

Last updated: 01/01/2009 10:00:00 AM

I was dancing down the sidewalk
Just some slam dunk
That you might jive
And I wondered then
About his old girlfriend
Was she still around - still alive

It's been years
Since my gears have been turning
Since I asked her same dice dance
How the flames of my poor heart been burning
If it's hate then this must be romance

Head first, baby
How the good time feelin' lingers
Oh, you can be alright
On the wrong side of the street
I'm so hungry for love
I've been lickin' off all my fingers
Oh yeah, you got to learn to
Take the bitter with the sweet

Yeah, I feel just like getting in trouble
By the hair on her chinny-chin-chin
And I love to get down on the stubble
With my teeth it will taste like your grin

(Repeat Chorus)

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Review: "Head First" grooves | Reviewer: Clarence Yu | 1/1/09

Head First is a b-side of the single "Living On The Edge," released in 1994. Starting off with a multiple reverse-recorded guitar attack with a steady tribal beat, the song is a great example of Steven Tyler's gift of melody and Aerosmith's grinding rock sound.