He Is We Lyrics

Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly both worked at Ted Brown
Music together in Tacoma, Washington. Aside from the Tacoma
aroma (local joke!), there was something else in the air.
Trevor thinks it was destiny… Rachel still thinks it was
the aroma.

After countless days of passing each other at work, they
eventually started to jam together in the back room. While
Rachel influenced her past years growing up and Trevor
continued to listen to hardcore music, something
interesting, creative and original came out. This was the
start of He Is We; More...

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Review about He Is We songs
,_, | Reviewer: AnnaC
    ------ About the song Our July In The Rain performed by He Is We

I Freaking love this song! Even know it's short i still love this song with all my heart. He is we understands people so much! All of there songs mean so much to me. I also like it that there not that popular because i don't like all of the stuff that people like at my school. And sometimes people make fun of me for it ^^ but its okay. Well the point is that i really love all of your music. Please keep making more. I feel like your band understands me

PS Correction | Reviewer: Billie
    ------ About the song Pour Me Out performed by He Is We

By the way...a verse is missing from these lyrics and it goes where another verse doesnt belong in this song. The verse that doesnt belong is the one that includes "witha mess like you..." and the replacement goes along the lines of " find me outside sitting in the rain on the curb in pain, my heart is breaking. You look at me holding onto a dream that filled me long ago but I'm still waiting..I'm still holding on." My favorite verse:)

12/11/2011 | Reviewer: Billie
    ------ About the song Pour Me Out performed by He Is We

This is my favorite He Is We song. I love the chorus and simply the melody behind it. Whenever I am lying awake at night thinking of old times when I once had a friend who I would do anything for, just to be with him, I listen to this song. In this song Rachel is basically comparing herself to a teapot, and the person that put her on the burner and is making her scream and cry is also the man she lives, even though he never belonged to her she feels like he should have. So now she just wants him to pour her out next to him where she can be with him, at his feet where she has always been. When she sings about sittiing on the curb in the rain waiting for him, she is simply remembering the way she used to feel for him and the way he used to make her feel. She is holding onto the memory of the dream she had for them both and to the memory of the way that dream used to make her feel happy. But now, she sits alone as she did before and longs more than ever to be poured out. She doesnt know what to do with or about him anymore. And that is the simple story of my life and how this reminds me of a time when I was happy, when he made me happy and now just sits and watches me cry without a care. Peace is in sleep, sweet dreams.

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