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Fred Hammond He Is Not Just A Man Lyrics

Last updated: 03/01/2011 10:00:00 AM

(Verse 1)
The greatest gift of man from the Father
Would change us all in ways we've never seen
Yet His first moments were in a manger
And soon every living thing would call Him King, yes they would
Though we didn't know it then
We soon would understand
That His life would reveal God's perfect plan

He's not just a man
He is God
And He is not just a baby
He is King
No He is not just a lamb
But the Lion of Judah
Savior and Ruler of all

(Verse 2)
We've tried our very best to perceive Him
Sometimes I think it was beyond our reach
Well I guess that's why He asked us to receive Him
With a childlike heart only believe
And I hear Him ask again
Who do men say that I am
And I feel the need to make the whole world see

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

But the Lion of Judah
Savior and Ruler of all

He is not just a man

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Praise Dance | Reviewer: Annette Martin | 3/1/11

He Is Not Just A Man when I heard this song at 5:00 this morning on the word network I arose to give GOD praise. I am trying to find this song and the only lyrics that is sticking with me is He Is God. Please help me find this song