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Since when has the music really mattered? It seems that in
today's music industry that fashionable "style points" and
the toughest attitudes have taken control of the wheel,
while musical ability and creativity have been kicked to
the back seat. HE IS LEGEND are here to challenge the tone
of the current underground music scene. With their emphasis
strictly on music and not what happens to be "cool," HE IS
LEGEND brings their debut record, 91025, which is an
ambitiously curious, but honest declaration. They bring an
array of musical More...

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Review about He Is Legend songs
your a dream come ture | Reviewer: grace
    ------ About the song Do You Think I Am Pretty? performed by He Is Legend

your a deam come ture your amasing just the way you are right now right now riiight nooow your amasing because wen i look in to your eyes i see the night sky and that one star keeps me up at night the one that's the bight one

ohh abs abs abs | Reviewer: Abbie
    ------ About the song Do You Think I Am Pretty performed by He Is Legend

wow wow wow wow!
abs stop!!!
when i go to bed i say abs abs abs oh oh oh abs abs abs oh oh oh!
i rily miss you miss you i say wow wow wow abs when
will you stop cos i love abs heart hary heart hary wow!

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Michele
    ------ About the song The Seduction performed by He Is Legend

theis songs has many hidden meanings ok its mostly about romeo and juliet well he is describing his relantionship as refrence to romeo and juliet. he has a girl it isnt working and he finds a better one. ok time for the hiddent meanings... "ive got to find to find a princess shes in another castle" thats from mario bros.... dancing with the capulet of course is romeo and julet. they're so "crazy in love" is a song as well and thats refrences also. "Mr. Jones" is two meanings one, is it a song from counting crows and two, its referring to the movie mr jones with the mentally critical guy who is hilucinating.. " mr jones will be right with you if you would just have a seat" refers to him coming in and out of hilucination.. " ill meet you at the river where we both could clear our heads i think we would look great dead" is also romeo and julet. so this song is so twisted and meaningful and thought out i love it and there are more that i dont feel like typing on the hidden refrences but enjoy since he is legend is sick!

Chenz has his say | Reviewer: chenz
    ------ About the song The Seduction performed by He Is Legend

its about a relationship where he never saw anything happerning
first verse is like whats goin on
i dont think its wat he wanted
chorus is like he keeps getten weird calls from hermaybe she was a skanky party rat who loved the city
general being her farther who he dosnet want to mean
no being rememberd cos he knows its not gunna last
the pre-chorus is sarcasm as if to say dum bitch wat u doin
2nd vers is bout him dumping her
3rd is finding his new love and how hes much happier


Review | Reviewer: Court
    ------ About the song The Seduction performed by He Is Legend

I dont think this has anything at all to do with Jesus... I think this is like you say, about fighting yourself in a relationship that you are probably better off not being in whilst still being unable to leave due to infatuation

"iv been jumping over buildings" etc

I know Mckenzie | Reviewer: Remy
    ------ About the song China White II performed by He Is Legend

I know Mckenzie Bell, the former guitarist. He said the drug reference in the name is just to mess with people. He also said that the song is just about a crazy gardener that kills the family he works for... thats it. No hidden meaning, no christian agenda, just a song about a crazy person.

hold on... | Reviewer: Cody Butler
    ------ About the song China White II performed by He Is Legend

This may be completely way off into left field, but He Is Legend is on Solid State Records (SSR) correct, and SSR is a Christian rock/metal record label. So, being a Christian myself, I see this song and the previous in a Christian meaning, not in drugs. China White, the first, is a type of warning... the Gardener would be Satan, much like he was in the Old Testament, Genesis to be specific, when he disguised himself as a serpent in order to fool Adam and Eve. I believe this song is referring to that in today's day and age. The Gardener actually warns the girl who begins to trust him, he warns her to go buy a gun... then at the end of the song, he says oh no, what have I done. Then something happens in between songs that scares the girl. So when China White II opens, the girl is frightened, and tries to tell her parents, the Gardener comes and begins obviously, killing the parents... in my idea, this song speaks to the society today, about how we should be warned. How Satan can disguise himself to look so good, and then in an instant bring you down. How, even though everything may be great in your life at this moment, the world will kill you the next. Once again, I may be way off in left field here!!

the meaning... | Reviewer: buddy gharring
    ------ About the song The Seduction performed by He Is Legend

i think that this song is talking about bad relationships, people not being who you thought they were, chasing the wrong things in life, and a specific relationship that he(or someone he knows) went through.
so the 1st verse is summerizing the actual events that took place and then in the last line it compares the girlfreind/wife to jezebel from the bible, the wife of king ahab who he fell maddly in love with and then she took controll of him, thereby taking controll of isreal, and then tried to kill the prophets of God, and had prophets in power for baal and for asherah, and effectively ruined ahab's life, but he couldn't see past his infactuation with her. this is basically the kind of relationship they're describing.
the second part is just him seeing the destruction in his life she caused, all the while staying mezmerised, and seduced by lust(fasion show)
the next part is basically just talking about a struggle with sexual sin.
i think that the next part is basically him trying to stand firm in god, even through these temptations, and him greiving because what he is doing for the lord dosent seem effective.( it may be that in the rest of the song he is talking about a freind, and now he is talking about his struggles, and how he is trying to help the freind, but it isn't working)
the line we'll find your weakness really point's me in this direction as to the meaning, but i'm not sure.
the whole romeo n juliet part is just showing how hard he worked to please the girl, and the we would look great dead is either him realizing that this is meaningless, or realizing that they're just like romeo n juliet.
the princess is in another castle part is thet the girl he was chasing didn't turn out to be the girl he thought he was chasing.
we're so "crazy in love" = we're idiots
yeah, that's what i think, and what i got out of it. i didn't write it, so i don't know, but if they intended it or not, it's a great leason to learn. there is only one person in this life worth chasing, and his name is jesus. no folly will fufill, and no seduction will sattisfy what he has designed us for.

China White II | Reviewer: Aaron
    ------ About the song China White II performed by He Is Legend

I agree with the statement that it's about a gardener obsessed with the little girl that lives inside the house, but of course the story gets deeper. If it didn't there wouldn't be 2 seperate parts to the story. He creeps the girl out so much that she tells her parents, but they don't believe her and let him still work there. The gardener takes advantage..

yeah | Reviewer: aaron
    ------ About the song The Widow Of Magnolia performed by He Is Legend

he/she is right. that is wrong, i just noticed that too..GOOD JOB TO FUCK UP! haha just kidding. great song, i fingered myself to this once.

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