He Is Legend Albums

  • It Hates You Album (6/23/2009)
    Party Time!
    Everyone I Know Has Fangs
    The Primarily Blues
    Cult Of She
    Stranger Danger
    Don't Touch That Dial
    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
    Future's Bright Man
    China White III
    That's Nasty
    Mean Shadow

  • Suck Out The Poison Album (10/3/2006)
    Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of...)
    Attack Of The Dungeon Witch
    Suck Out The Poison
    Mushroom River
    Opening / Instrumental
    China White II
    Serpent Sickness
    Electronic Throat
    The Widow Of Magnolia
    The Pot Bellied Goddess
    Cannonball Hands (The Tomato Parade) / Instrumental
    Goldies Torn Locks

  • I Am Hollywood Album (11/2/2004)
    The Seduction
    Eating A Book
    The Creature Walks
    The Greatest Actor Alive
    China White
    ...Best In Mexico
    The Walls Have Teeth
    Do You Think I Am Pretty?
    Dinner With A Gypsy
    I Am Hollywood

  • 91025 Album (6/1/2004)
    Hip Hop: Anonymous
    Scram Toots
    The Fool
    Either They Decorated For Christmas Early Or They're All Dead
    Down In A Crypt
    You Sound Like A White Boy

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