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Since when has the music really mattered? It seems that in today's music industry that fashionable "style points" and the toughest attitudes have taken control of the wheel, while musical ability and creativity have been kicked to the back seat. HE IS LEGEND are here to challenge the tone of the current underground music scene. With their emphasis strictly on music and not what happens to be "cool," HE IS LEGEND brings their debut record, 91025, which is an ambitiously curious, but honest declaration. They bring an array of musical tastes and influences to the table, but still manage to deliver in-your-face rock n roll and a "no-holds-barred" attitude. 91025 captures a band in its youthful stages, who are willing to risk it all regardless of what critics might think. They are able to mix harmonious, metallic, guitar precision with solid rock rhythms, flawlessly. While vocalist, Schuylar Croom, delivers a most versatile performance, ranging from subtle crooning to cathartic, throaty screams. The remaining members; Adam (guitar), Matt (bass), McKenzie (guitar), and Steve (drums) know that with their unstoppable combination of dashing good-looks, southern charm and pure, heartfelt rock n roll they will continue to win HE IS LEGEND fans across the land.

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The old man and his son they have been studying your moves... | Reviewer: Julian Malek | 11/8/12

Potentially one of the best three rock bands to ever have existed
melodic and beautiful atmospheres meshed with nitty-gritty explosive intensity cannot wait until their next album and a western North-American tour

to let everyone know... | Reviewer: Kineada | 12/6/07

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HE IS LEGEND!!! the way they mash up different styles of rock is amazing. On songs like China White they show off their immpressive chord progressions and openly display a whole new level of BRUTAL with Mushroom River. Then they break your brain their ability to play really cool southern stlye rock. Now woth that said, if you are into the whole one-band-does-it-all approach you shuld really listen to Between the Buried and Me. Definitely a much more mature and hardcore band they are the true experts in this style of mix and match rock.

pure rock N roll | Reviewer: IAMLEGEND | 9/20/07

the only thing emotional about this band is how much emotion that schuylar croom pours out each and every night that he sings. his voice is unmatched. he can sing melodically, scream, growl, whatever. this is a great ROCK band and they put it all on the line with each and every song. the guitar work is amazing and the drums are very nice too. overall one of the best bands in the music scene right now.

A cocktail of sorts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

This could possibly be my favorite band ever. The guitar acrobatics mixed with power chords and crazy heavy breakdowns, as well as pretty parts make this band very high up on my list. I think it may go something like this: "you need to keep the emotional state and structure of your song consistant, unless you're he is legend." They seamlessly go from a very pretty clean guitar riff to the heaviest breakdown on the album (china white, for example). It builds very quickly from a melodic, harmonious, beautiful, and lulling rock song to dropping you into a moshpit in your own head. This is the only band I have ever heard that smushes all types of rock together, and does it well.

GREAT new Solid State band... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/04

these guys are a lot of fun live, and their CDs both are amazing. a lot of rock/hardcore/emo. a bunch of great tunes on the new CD.

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