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Richard Marx Hazard Lyrics

Last updated: 12/15/2011 10:00:00 AM

My mother came to Hazard when I was just seven
Even then the folks in town said with prejudiced eyes
That boy's not right
Three years ago when I came to know Mary
First time that someone looked beyond the rumors and the lies
And saw the man inside

We used to walk down by the river
She loved to watch the sun go down
We used to walk along the river
And dream our way out of this town

No one understood what I felt for Mary
No one cared until the night she went out walking alone
And never came home
Man with a badge came knocking next morning
Here was I surrounded by a thousand fingers suddenly
Pointed right at me

I swear I left her by the river
I swear I left her safe and sound
I need to make it to the river
And leave this old Nebraska town

I think about my life gone by
How it's done me wrong
There's no escape for me this time
All of my rescues are gone, long ago

I swear I left her by the river
I swear I left her safe and sound
I need to make it to the river
And leave this old Nebraska town

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How could she do that to him...? | Reviewer: Pegah | 12/14/11

His not guilty anymore.Who can say that to a guy who should face to all those betrayals in his entire life?It just better to tell him:
For you,life is like a chess
If you dont make the move
You'll lose the game like this

The Evidence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/11

If you watch both versions of the video, different bits of evidence (most circumstantial) are shown:
Did Mary kill herself?
- Voice clips that imply that she's depressed, nobody understands her but the narrator, and she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him as a friend.
- Narrator catches her making out in a car with an unseen other man, runs off, leaving his scarf.
- When she walks alone "and never came home" she was standing by the river, wearing his scarf, looking sad.
Did the sheriff kill Mary and frame the narrator?
- Various clips seem to imply that the sheriff was stalking Mary: Pulling up in the patrol car and chasing her down the street as she ran off, taking photos of her and the narrator together.
- A clip shows Mary turn while beside the river, surprised at whoever appears, and a little afraid. She would not be afraid of her friend.
Did the narrator kill Mary?
- Clips show that, when confronted as a child by his mother's infidelity, he sets the house on fire with her and her lover inside.
- This fire is echoed at the end; certainly the townsfolk think he did it because they burn *his* home.
- There are scenes where evidence is being gathered, fingerprints taken from blinds and glasses, but it doesn't show where those prints were found (though it looks to be inside the trailer where he lives). This may imply that (a) they were Mary's prints, proving she'd been in his house after he denies a relationship, or (b) his own prints, meaning he was the only person ever in his house. In either case,the medical examiner in the interrogation room says that there are no prints on the body or scarf, and he's ruling it a suicide.

In my own opinion, the most likely scenario is that Mary killed herself, or fell in accidentally. Had she been strangled, the ME would have found evidence of it in the post mortem, and would not have told the sheriff that he had to let the narrator go.

Hazard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/11

This song is about a small little town and a boy who moved into town with His mother at age 7 and was always a outcast to the whole town and When he does make a friend and they get really close and suddenly she comes up missing one night this little town with no evidence at all points the finger at Him becuse he is an outcast and probably not from this little town where everybody knows everybody and there family and they have an outcast that they know nothing about and they all point fingers.
Sad thing is this stereotyping still goes on today all accross the nation.
Thats what this song is about

Ha Ha | Reviewer: Jason | 5/13/10

Thanks for all the comments. I needed that. Sorry, no river in Hazard, NE. There is what I would call creeks on the outskirts of town. You could go east and south out of Hazard and find those. This is a cool song and a cool story. Not your typical '80s power ballad or love song.

Oh dear god!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/10

It's a song! Just a song! It's not real, there was no trial!! There isn't even a river in Hazard! The only reason it's set in 'Hazard' is because it fits into the song. Marx has never been accused of killing anyone nor did he base this on a true event!

Hazzard | Reviewer: Stan Gibson | 11/23/09

I think the cop is twisted. There is no evidence whatsoever that he has killed Mary, He swears he left her safe & sound, and I for one truely believe him. He seems a stand up guy and if I were ever in hazzard and met him would probably buy him a drink at some point. Great song, but it does upset me to think an innocent man is/has been punished for a crime he did not commit. Does anyone have imformation how the trial went?
Any feedback welcome.

not gulty | Reviewer: mike | 10/22/08

I dont think he is gulty few people knew what it feel like to be outkast and lonly. i belive he would not get a fair trial in that town so i can understand why he want to run. think about it he want to make it to the river i think he want to kill himself cus he cant live without mary.

WHO KILLES MARY??........... COP DID!! | Reviewer: george michael | 10/11/08

This is what happens:
a boy alongwith his mother moved to hazard{an old nebraska town}.
this guy lives a forbidden life there..
his mother did'nt cared much for him
and so do those villagers...
He,then finds mary ,the only one who understands his feelings..they slowly started liking eachother..
they spent good time together..
but one fine day ..{probably night}
he sees mary making love with an unknown person..
This is nonetheless same thing which his mother did ...with the shirtless guy{long hair}
so he sees mary in his mother..
this poor boy was thrice stricken in this story
1.his father moved out with another lady..leaving him alone with his mother..
2.he sees his mother's adultry
3.Mary indulged in an physical relationship
this boy isolates himself from everyone...
his solitary behaviour..was prey to the wicked cop......
who rapes Mary..kills her..and puts the blame on him..
since that boy ,right from childhood ,was weird enough to be blamed ,in such a case gets accused of killing Mary .......
so that lustful cop first rapes and then kills mary....that too using marx's white scarf
so that everything goes direct on marx..

Great song | Reviewer: Anon | 7/9/08

I don't think he is guilty at all, I think since the boy has no mother, then she suddenly appears in his life at the age of 7, it hits him hard. He was probably always very quiet and secluded, then when he becomes close with Mary, and then she never comes home, the finger points at him because he's the quiet one with an upsetting childhood. I think he's innocent.

But at the end when he says: "I need to make it to the river
And leave this old Nebraska town"

Is that saying he is going to commit suicide?

HAZARD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

Hazard is a town in Nebraska if you listen to it carefully.If you like songs like this then listen to some tracks of Bruce Springstein Nebraska they are depressing and drab but if you listen to the lyrics they are good.

Review on Hazard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

Everyone was already judging him at seven. He must've been weird. Maybe he hurt some animals or something. I think he killed Mary down by the river cuz she wouldn't leave Hazard with him. Yeah I think he's guilty

Correction for Mahbuba. | Reviewer: Mike | 11/9/07

Hazard is actually the name of a town in Nebraska (hence the later line "And leave this old Nebraska town").

It doesn't mean that his mother caused him hazard it simply means that they moved to Hazard when he was 7.

hazard | Reviewer: mahbuba | 10/16/07

I heard the song with the lyrics, very touchy,I have to say. but i guess there is some real story behind this song. I guess, the lyricist can explain it clearly. few things are very confusing, like-'my mother came to hazard when I was seven'- the question is what type of mother comes to hazard a sons life when he is only seven. I guess there's a real story behind this. I hope someone will explain it to me!! on more thing-'why is the man isolated in the town?'
let's see, who can explain them!!!!

Pain | Reviewer: bernie | 7/20/07

The difficulties of life when you dont fit in...and how you can feel real love by rebelling....

compliments to richard marx! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

deeply moved by the lyrics...opening musical composition sets the mood. can visualize the river/woods as storey moves forward. reviewer: sandy garthwaite