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When you're in the presence of beauty it's not something
you have to think about. Whether it's aural or visual, or
in Hayley Westenra's case both, you tingle with the feeling
that your soul has been touched.

True talent is equally indefinable. You can pontificate
about perfect pitch, analyse the cadence of every note, wax
lyrical about the feast before you, but you know when
people come along and say they love to listen to their CD
every day that something special has been communicated.

A voice like Hayley Westenra's can be More...

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Review about Hayley Westenra songs
Composer of the song Who Painted the Moon | Reviewer: Nianell/Sonia A Nel
    ------ About the song Who Painted The Moon Black performed by Hayley Westenra

To whom it may concern, I wrote the song Who Painted the Moon and I own the publishing rights to the lyrics and music of this song. Please can you correct your error and say Lyrics by Nianell
www.nianell.com E-mail: nianell@nia.co.za

Not Hayley Westenra | Reviewer: David Angels
    ------ About the song Dido's Lament performed by Hayley Westenra

Westenra may have performed this piece (properly known as "When I am laid in earth") but she certainly didn't write either the music or libretto. Credit for that goes to Henry Purcell and Nahum Tate... I wonder if Westenra would be amused to be considered to be of such an age as to have been able to compose something in 1689...

Great song.. | Reviewer: Nafisa Nazeer
    ------ About the song Prayer performed by Hayley Westenra

It's sad not many people heard this song before. I've heard it one time on Pandora and I immediately fell in love with it. The song lyrics are definitely as beautiful as it sounds. Anybody having a hard time right now can always listen to this song and it will soothe. The key signature is C# Minor, just supremely beautiful.

My review on 'Black Moon' song. | Reviewer: Bluey
    ------ About the song Who Painted The Moon Black performed by Hayley Westenra

I really liked this song. Something in it tugged at my heart, made me slightly sad, as if you can feel the sadness it's supposed to generate...anyway, the only flaw it has is that the verses are slightly repetitive. Other than that, brilliant song. Ish.

Elvish Dreams | Reviewer: Telestai
    ------ About the song Dark Waltz performed by Hayley Westenra

In addition to its already-noted relevance to the "Twilight" series, "Dark Waltz" encapsulates the elvish concepts of love and deity which permeate "Lord of the Rings." Elvish mythology scintillates with references to light: Galadriel is "The Lady of Light"; the Uttermost West [haven of departed souls] appears as a "swift sunrise" unfolding when "the grey rain curtain" turns to "silver glass"; the light of Earendil, "our most beloved star," is Galadriel's gift to Frodo. The Two Trees of Valinor provided a miraculous light until poisoned by the original Enemy, of whom Sauron is only an echo; that light survives in Earendil, the star named for the eternal sailor who carries forever "the Flamifer of Westerness." The entire Silmarillion is devoted to the story of the enchanted jewels in which the Elvish genius Feanor had captured a portion of those lights, and of the tragedies which resulted from that capture.... Sauron is the "DARK Lord," and light must oppose him, with the aid of the light of the three Elvish rings, untainted by Sauron's evil Master Ring. Although Sauron veils Mordor in clouds and darkness, Sam is one of many who observe that the Sun DOES still shine and WILL eventually "shine out the clearer" after winning yet another battle against darkness.

The ancient love of Luthien, an Elf, and Beren, a mortal, foreshadows the love of Arwen [Luthien's grand-daughter, immortal] and Aragorn, also a descendant of Luthien, although mortal. Like Luthien, Arwen must become mortal to wed a mortal; this fate, she freely chooses. Arwen is called the "Evenstar" of her people, as Aragorn is "Elfstone," a glowing jewel of hope for Middle Earth. Speaking of her unchanging love for him, Arwen promises Aragorn that "the light of the Evenstar does not wax and wane." [And despite her father Elrond's gloomy warnings in both film and book, the book hints strongly that Aragorn and Arwen DO achieve immortality together.]

"Dark Waltz" repeats its theme of love as light, even in darkness, and proclaims an illuminating faith that love DOES, always, lead "the lucky ones" who love into light.

Haunting and Enchanting | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song Dark Waltz performed by Hayley Westenra

This song makes me want to waltz in a dark and isolated park beneath the moonlight in Italy... It's haunting and incredibly enchanting. As if you're surrounded by ghosts of the past, but you're a ghost too. It's frightening and beautiful, but it doesn't make you feel depressed... just... close to heaven yet you can't reach it. Dark waltz... wow.

Arizona Faye | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dark Waltz performed by Hayley Westenra

Beautiful beautiful song. I played it for my dying pet all the way to the emergency clinic last night. She was euthanized when we got there. I have peace, and tears, knowing her last moments were listening to this beautiful music with lyrics about heaven, and an entrance into light. Oh sweet sorrow. :(

Song of the Heart | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Heart Belongs To You performed by Hayley Westenra

I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. It really comes from the heart. The choice of words combined with the melody gives birth to a new song of a true love.

Wow, Amazing!! | Reviewer: ~Ash~
    ------ About the song Pökarekare ana performed by Hayley Westenra

She is one of my favorite singers and this is probably my favorite song by her, other than Wuthering Heights.

Stunning | Reviewer: Leekaara
    ------ About the song Dark Waltz performed by Hayley Westenra

If you have ever read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer you will know that this song is a perfect match with Bella and Edward. Perfect.

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