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Eron Bucciarelli - Drums
Casey Calvert - Guitar
Micah Carli - Guitar
Matt Ridenour - Bass
JT Woodruff - Vocals, Guitar

Hawthorne Heights was formed out of a desire to play music that the members were passionate about, with the ultimate goal being to become a full-time, professional band. Their dreams are fulfilled now with the release of their Victory Records debut, "The Silence In Black And White".

Forming in Dayton, OH in June of 2001 under the name "A Day In The Life", the band decided to rename their previous musical endeavor due to lineup changes and evolving musical styles. With the final lineup in place, Hawthorne Heights began playing out on several national self-booked tours, sharing stages with bands like Descendents, From Autumn To Ashes and Coheed And Cambria. Fast forward to November, 2003, Chicago, IL. Victory Records’ President, Tony Brummel, is doing his usual Saturday morning demo listening and plays the Hawthorne Heights CD. He is sold on the band immediately, as is the rest of the Victory staff, and the Hawthorne Heights boys drive from Dayton to Chicago to showcase for the label. They sign a deal with Victory shortly thereafter.

Hawthorne Heights recorded "The Silence In Black And White" over four weeks in Madison, WI at Smart Studios and in Chicago, IL at Big Gold Studios with Dan Duszynski in February and March of 2004. "The recording process this time around was an experience within itself. We got to take our time and experiment a lot more than we’ve been used to in the past. Sonically, this record is such a step up from anything else we’ve done. We are very proud of the finished product", commented Eron Bucciarelli (drums). "The Silence In Black And White" contains songs of frustration, personal growth and evolution. Musically, it tests the limitations of the "post-hardcore" and "screamo" music genres, adding deeper and darker subtleties.

Influenced by bands that range from Led Zeppelin to Quicksand to Nirvana and Shades Apart, Hawthorne Heights’s brand of radiant and fiery post-hardcore is expansive yet more focused than the efforts of other bands they will be categorized with. Their triple guitar attack alone sets them apart from the rest. "With JT, Casey and Micah all playing guitar, we can add a lot of layering effects and intricacies to our music along with legitimately pulling in different musical styles", said Eron. "To us, ‘The Silence In Black And White’ is the perfect melting pot of all of our different musical tastes."

Their pervasive crossbreed of discordance and melody with guttural growls and layered, sweet-sounding vocals brings new and imaginative depth to "The Silence In Black And White". Check out Hawthorne Heights on the road this spring with label mates Silverstein. Hawthorne Heights will be on tour all summer long and will be appearing on select dates of this summer’s Warped Tour.

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Hawthorne Heights is still a great band. | Reviewer: Kylie | 4/11/13

I don't undestand why people say the band will never be as good as it was with Casey? I know he died 6 years ago but that' so stupid. I just came across this because I was having a bad day and I stumbled upon a comment thet said, and i quote, "Hawthorne Heights will NEVER be as good as they were before." And I just thought I'd let everyone know how offensive I think that is and how disrespectful it is to say that about a band like Hawthorne Heights who have been through so much together.

i miss you casey </3 | Reviewer: Maria | 3/24/10

REST IN PEACE CASEY. i miss you:( i just recntly discovered this band and when i heard the screamer i had to find out about him. so i typed up hawhtorne heights and the first thing that came up was "casey calvert, you will be missed"... i clicked on it and found out the guy i liked so much was DEAD.i was deppresed for days, its not even funny. im still kinda deppressed. so ive been typing his name into google and getting to know evryhing about himthat i can. i turned vegetarian becuz of him. *sigh. hawthorne heights will NEVER be as good as they were before. i cant even listen to them anymore. ill listen to all their songs before the tribute to casey "four becomes one". i talk about them non stop(: i wish he was still alive. and dont tell me to get over it cuz i dont think i ever really will. that guy changed my life and i didnt even no hi,/

HH | Reviewer: Celeste | 9/25/09

I have yet to be to one of there concerts, and hate that i haven't, but there coming to my town finally and I'm definitely seeing them. They've worked so hard, and when Casey died i was crying myself. It was horrible, i really hope no one else dies from the band. I love all of there song, and i hope they keep making new ones.
I love you guys<3.

Rescued Me | Reviewer: Greg | 8/2/09

I just started listening to HH and already they're hugely influencing me, starting with saying sorry to silver bullet, then rescue me, their singles aren't at all overrated and are very powerful. i could sing the chorus to rescue me 'til i lose my voice. also it's sad that they lost a member but they're continuing to provide us great music+lyrics and make casey proud. R.I.P. Casey Calvert, He's above us now smiling down, not so lonely as cold life is. long live hh

i love you guys, | Reviewer: Rachel | 4/24/09

H.H was and still is amazing. i hope they make a new album soon. You guys take away my breath everytime i hear your beautiful voice start to sing. you guys make my world spin :]
i love you Hawthorne Heights so much : D

Casey Calvert | Reviewer: shadow Girl | 1/12/09

you guys i dont even no wat 2 say. But Hawthorne Heights has beenn my insparation from the beginning. Casey Calvert waz a freakin amazin guy.
He waz really down 2 earth and kewl 2 talk 2. did u guys no he worked at a music store called moller music? I did!! ive met him twice and talked about music. it waz awsum!! when i heard he had died it killed me. so 2 all hh fans keep listenin 2 em they havnt changed just cuz Caseys gone.

Love shadow girl

San Francisco- Grand Ballroom | Reviewer: Miranda | 11/11/08

I met them 11/9/08 and they were so nice! I loved their show and it was even better because it was so small. Less than 200 people showed but it was a very good show, and the size made it a little more personal. RIP Casey. The band is not quite the same without him, they are still amazing though.
I would love to know how old JT is and if he is married. Hes so handsome. :)

R.I.P Casey Calvert | Reviewer: Rachel | 10/8/08

I've loved Hawthorne Heights for a really long time. Their songs helped me through a lot like depression. Some people just don't get it so what if they were a "emo" band i love them and so do a lot of other people. Hawthorne Heights i'm sorry for your lost of Casey. Casey inspirated me to play gutair. I met the band peronally and Casey was so sweet and friendly, makes time for all his fans!! I still listen to Hawthorne Heights and they will remian my fave band forever. Whenever i hear ohio is for loves i cry because hearing casey's voice makes him still alive. Casey was the best and can never be replaced. I will Miss U Casey Calvert so much and you will always be in my heart forever!! <3 Casey!!!

Sadness | Reviewer: Kendra | 7/26/08

When I found out Casey died I was devasted! The way he acted with his bandmates is how I act with my best friend! I cried and still do at times when I just sit and think about him. I never got a chance to meet him but Hawthorne Heights is the best dang band in the world! They are the center of attention in everything I talk about! Everything I say relates to those guys! People get annoyed with me... but I don't care because they're worth it!!


i love these guys... | Reviewer: music lover anonymous | 2/16/08

i love hawthorne heights, they were one of the bands that got me through alot of stuff... when i first read the news that casey died, i was crying so hard it wasnt funny. i was so sad, and now whenever i hear the song Ohio Is For Lovers i cry, or think about casey. it's so sad, i hate when people get all like 'listen to this and be like casey' it gets me so sad and mad... but anyways RIP casey calvert rock out wit the angels in heaven dude!

why? | Reviewer: emily | 2/11/08

rip casey
i love hawthorne heights you guys are the greatest band! and i know its not easy losing someone you are so close to. but what really makes me mad is that people are saying that he died from a drug overdose wtc is up with that if u don't know the truth then don't post crap that isn't true casey was an amazing guitar player and he will always be in my hearts so please don't talk crap don't tell us to get over it.
casey calvert

Casey | Reviewer: A huge Fan | 1/23/08

I cryed when i heard Casey Calvert died. I think that people who are insensitive bout it need to go off themselves for being fuck ups anyone agree with me????

luv u casey | Reviewer: tears in her eyes | 12/31/07

oh my gooses! i've read some of the insensitive stuff about casey's death and honestly i cried. how cld some ppl say "yay" that some one is dead. i mean they don't even kno who they were. when i found out i screamed in agony and cried with my friends. H.H is my favorite band and their music has pulled me out of deep depression. it's been my will to live and casey was my inspiration to play the guitar. he was the best and will always be loved and remembered. for all those ppl that hate "emo" music and don't like H.H and say to get over his death... whatever works for you guys works but we don't talk bad bout you so leave us alone. when i listen to their cd's casey is still alive.

Hawthorne Heights: i'm so sorry about the loss of casey. he was the best and is irreplaceable. i hope you can find some one that can fill casey's shoes. we love you and your music. keep up the great work.

R.I.P Casey Calvert <3 | Reviewer: Jade | 12/19/07

Well I just want to give H.H my greatest condolences for loosing Casey. I've read about how you guys remember him, and I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry for your loss, he seemed like a great guy to have known.
And then I never thought of actually leaving a comment on here, but yeah, the people that are saying "Oh haha get over this guys death I mean he was an emo!" ETC.
But how would all of you guys feel if your best friend in the whole wide world, just dropped dead for no reason, then people started making fun of their death on the internet? Just think about the consequences of what you say where ANYONE can read this you stupid cunts.
If someone's already had a hard time, they don't need anyone they don't even know giving them hassle about their friend's death, so just think before you type something heartless.

RIP Casey Calvert. | Reviewer: Danielle | 12/19/07

well,i've like hawthorne heights for the longest time and they are abouslutly amazing,they helped me through a major state of depression,i just listened to them all the time,i have personally met the band and they are all amazingly aswome guys espeacily Casey,he just somehow stuck out and was such a sweetheart,and not to mention one of the most adoorible guys i have ever met,and now that he is gone i miss him so much.i still listen to HH all the time and they will remain my favorite band no matter what,i love em. RIP Casey<3

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