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Hawkwind.....a brief history (the 1970's)

One of the organisers of the event in Notting Hill Gate was
Doug Smith from 'Clearwater Productions'. Suitably
impressed by what he saw, he took them on board. Shortly
after, the band named themselves 'Hawkwind Zoo', started
gigging and recorded a demo tape in order to secure a
record contract. This proved a wise move, as in November
1969 they gained a deal with 'Liberty Records' and
shortened their name to 'Hawkwind'.

Hawkwind's first major recordings came about in the Spring
of 1970, when More...

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Review about Hawkwind songs
A Hawks love song | Reviewer: Steve F
    ------ About the song Love in Space performed by Hawkwind

Hawkwind don't often do love songs, so this is quite a rarity.
It has a haunting quality and a twist to the lyrics that leave the premise for the song vague and interesting.
It is an abiding mystery why Hawkwind, with scores of songs of this quality, aren't more widely recognised as titans of the British rock scene.

Pure Poetry | Reviewer: Laughing Badger
    ------ About the song Steppenwolf performed by Hawkwind

Robert Calvert rocked. 'Convex lenses of Ebony, 'Pool of liquid Sky', 'Echoes like a cave of chromium that'll vacuum up my soul when I die','Fat bourgeois and his doppelganger' Fantastic. Words, words, beautiful words. What a waste.

Credits for "Infinity" | Reviewer: HammerStorm7
    ------ About the song Infinity performed by Hawkwind

Just wanted to point out that "Infinity" from the album PXR5 is credited to Robert Calvert/Dave Brock and that the lyrics above agree with what i hear on the CD. Michael Moorcock did collaborate with both of the songs authors on other projects, but i was unable to track down the lyrics which Steve mentions in his review above. Considering that the lyrics in question fit the meter of "Infinity" perfectly, it is conceivable that Michael Moorcock added a verse to his friends' song in one of his performances with either Hawkwind or perhaps with The Deep Fix. I'm also curious if ANYONE knows about this...

HAWKWIND...Silver Machine | Reviewer: Choronzon Blackangel
    ------ About the song Silver Machine performed by Hawkwind

What can I possibly say about this song?If you're familiar with it you'll know what I'm talking about,and if you're not,WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST THIRTY EIGHT YEARS???????????This is an absolute all time classic,up there with Iron Butterfly's'Inna Gada Da Vida',Fluffy's 'Nothing',The Pistols'Pretty Vacant',t.A.T.u's'Not Gonna Get Us',or even Sabbath's'Paranoid'!!!Unlike some bands I could mention,HAWKWIND are still going after all these years.This is not their finest song by any means(check out'Master Of The Universe'or'Needle Gun'),but it's still classic HAWKWIND,and it deserves it's place in history as the song which made their name.Without HAWKWIND there would probably never have been any techno, or punk for that matter.We all owe these guys a great debt.If you're familiar with 'Silver Machine'I'm preaching to the converted,and if you're not,WHY NOT???CHECK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!If you don't like this,you don't deserve to enjoy a rock record ever again!!!All together now...."I've got a SILVER MACHINE...I've got a SILVER MACHINE...."

Assault & Battery | Reviewer: Ozowen
    ------ About the song Assault And Battery performed by Hawkwind

Dean's post hits the mark for me. Hawkwind, Floyd, Tangerine Dream and others were certain escape from the wretched stuff promulgated by Abba and rollers. When the bloody Bee Gees and their ilk started the sheer sonic attack of Disco then escape was required and Hawkwind was one of the best answers

Morrcock | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Infinity performed by Hawkwind

Sure this was from one of his 'black sword' epics! Wasnt there another verse:

She took me to a palace gate, with constellation towers. She is the keeper of my fate, I sleep locked in her powers. She turned the key ect..

assault & battery | Reviewer: Dean
    ------ About the song Assault And Battery performed by Hawkwind

Just prior to punk, we had the brilliant Warriors at the Edge of Time. Rotten never gave enough credit to his roots. This band were and are still superb, the sound of the mellotron captures the sound of that time. Being young and excited and at the same time bored with the mainstream pulp fiction that was ABBA, Bay City, Stealers, and all the other clueless muso's of that time, music like Hawkwind gave us hope and took us into space not as escapism but as an adventure, full of promise of other worlds.

adjust me review | Reviewer: jerry
    ------ About the song Adjust Me performed by Hawkwind

Another great Hawkwind song from one of the best psychedelic LP's of all time "In Search of Space". Trippy song from a great band.

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