Hawkwind Albums

  • Live At The Canterbury Festival Album (11/18/2002)
    5th Second Of Forever
    Angels Of Death
    Arthur's Poem
    Assault & Battery
    Dust Of Time
    Hurry On Sundown
    Motorway City
    Silver Machine
    Solitary Mind Games
    Spiral Galaxy
    Spirit Of The Age
    Void Of Golden Light

  • Spaced Out In London Album (3/1/2000)
    Aerospaceage Inferno
    Angels Of Death
    Assassins Of Allah
    Do That
    Earth Calling
    Hurry On Sundown
    Master Of The Universe
    Out Of The Shadows
    The Gremlin Song
    The Watcher
    Time And Confusion
    Time Captives

  • The Chronicle Of The Black Sword Album (11/11/1985)
    Song Of The Swords
    Shade Gate
    The Sea King
    The Pulsing Cavern
    Elric The Enchanter
    Needle Gun
    The Demise
    Sleep Of A Thousand Tears
    Chaos Army
    Horn Of Destiny
    Assault And Battery
    Sleep Of A Thousand Tears (Live)
    The War I Survived (Live)
    Voice Inside My Head (Live)

  • Zones Album (10/28/1983)
    Dangerous Visions
    Running Through The Back Brain
    The Island
    Motorway City
    Utopia '84
    Social Alliance
    Sonic Attack
    Dream Worker

  • Choose Your Masques Album (10/29/1982)
  • Church Of Hawkwind Album (5/14/1982)
  • Sonic Attack Album (10/18/1981)
  • Levitation Album (10/27/1980)
  • PXR5 Album (6/15/1979)
  • Quark, Strangeness And Charm Album (6/17/1977)
  • Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music Album (8/27/1976)
  • Warrior On The Edge Of Time Album (5/9/1975)
  • Hall Of The Mountain Grill Album (9/6/1974)
  • Doremi Fasol Latido Album (11/24/1972)
  • In Search Of Space Album (10/8/1971)
  • Hawkwind Album (8/14/1970)

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    Reviews about Hawkwind albums

    choose your masks | Reviewer: brian brown
        ------ About the album Choose Your Masques performed by Hawkwind

    the album starts with choose your masks and to me should have been a big hit, great lead guitar by huw lloyd in the instrumental part of the song,and then from there its just superb and if you wanna get into it you gotta get out of it.

    One of three Albums that are the absolute best of Hawkwind | Reviewer: John
        ------ About the album Choose Your Masques performed by Hawkwind

    Choose Your Masques, Sonic Attack, & Chronicles of the Black Sword are the best albums ever created to disc. Even though, the band has gone through several member changes over the years, they continually create music that is way ahead of it's time. Not only lyrically, but musically as well! The studio/engineering that has gone into creating the sound on any one of these albums is..... speechless..

    Each of these albums are intense and an aural assault on your grey matter, especially with headphones, hard driven, well crafted, well produced, and with the assistance of micheal moorcock's sci-fi books, these songs are created from the books and given life musically, These are 3 Albums i would like to have back in my collection but cannot find anywhere.

    With over at least forty albums to their credit, and yes some are re-hash's of older material, brought into a new light, or concert audio never heard before, you really can't go wrong with any of their selections, i think.

    Their older material, was more grateful dead like, tunes of yore, but somewhere after their 3rd album they definitely found their niche.

    Even their recent contribution of "Take Me To Your Leader", has tunes that should beheard by all, but, then again, i must admit bias on my part.

    If anyone who happens to actually read this knows where i can find the 3 copies of cd's as listed above, drop me a line, i would greatly appreciate it, so i can add it to my already large collection of their cd's.

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