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Have Heart Biography

Last updated: 08/31/2007

Have Heart is a straight-edge hardcore punk band that was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2002. Originally intended as a side-project, the band soon became the main focus of the members. In July 2003 they played their first show and in November a demo was released. The demo came to the attention of Think Fast! Records, who signed them for the release of the What Counts EP in 2004. This EP helped them to reach a bigger audience, resulting in several national tours. In 2005 they moved on to Bridge Nine Records, and in the following year they released The Things We Carry, their first full length. For 2007, the band is set to tour through the USA, Japan and Europe [1]. Other bands of this style of hardcore include, Carry On, Champion, Outspoken, More To Pride, The Tensions Between.