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Testament Hatreds Rise Lyrics

Last updated: 01/14/2003 01:42:49 AM

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through the fight
before him
dressed in the armor
of the dead

crossed fists
can't deny
the sword so swift
getting closer to their lair

follow me and i'll give you a king...
(siiging overtalking)
fight with me and kill for your king

hatred was a man out to seek
vengeance for the death of his father.
for he is the one bares the mark
of the great warrior king and
no one can stop him

for tonight
the ax swings
into battle on the wall

the high priest
blessed the bloodshed
of defeat
the smell of death roams
through the air

blows from life
for my king
deathly victim of the blade

flames of war
shine through the night
until the dawn the troopers storm

stabbing and slashing -
when night falls
they all must die...
beating and bashing
with blood lust
from hatreds rise...

stabbing and slashing -
the nights gone
on one alive...
beating and bashing
with blood lust
from hatreds rise...

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