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Prussian Blue Hate for Hate: Lamb Near The Lane Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2009 11:00:00 AM

Endless years in a prison cell, endless years in a living hell. A soldier of the first, with a tale to tell. Of why he fought to save his own kind, an image of beauty, he sees in his mind Of a beautiful maiden, now forced to the fight. Because too many white men choose wrong over white.

Some day in Valhala, when he's young once more. He will hold the hand of the image he adore.

It's not right for a lamb near a Lane, to fight with a lion. It's insane, I feel its insane.If the white man won't battle for life and for race. Then women and children, the the terror will face.

Some day in Valhala, when he's young once more. He will hold the hand of the image he adore.

This song was not written to entertain. dance with horns fight for the lamb near the Lane?

I am that lamb. I'll stand beside the Lane.
I am that lamb. I'll stand beside the Lane.
I am that lamb. I'll stand beside the Lane.

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mother's day... | Reviewer: britany88 | 5/2/09

@ white power 411

Hitler didn't actually create the mother's day known in America. Mother's day was created by Anna Jarvis and became official in 1914. Hitler's mother's day for Germany came about it 1917. Though both are on the second Sunday of May. The concept of Mother's day was created in Ancient Greece.


About the song and Prussian Blue, I agree with them. Ignorant opposers who find them racist, why are you even here? These girls do not sing about being RACIST, they have pride in their race and heritage. As should all white people. The white race is quickly becoming a minority, because most of us have no pride, no nationalism. They are Jewed into feeling GUILTY about their race, and to feel like they must be shamed into taking the side of other races over our own. YOU type of white people are the SCUM in this country, not these wonderful girls who know what it is to have PRIDE in who they are.

I wish to see an America where we finally stand up for ourselves, and quit letting other races and nations rule us and our beliefs.


It's just skin after all... | Reviewer: Someone who cares | 3/9/09

Racism exists and oft times, it cannot be helped. It will always be around and someone will always support it. That's the way the world works. As unfortunate and despicable as it is, people will always search to find some way to make themselves superior to others (at least in their minds). Tragically, they don't realize that it's really just a skin color in the end, and holds the same value as hair color or eye color or height or weight. It's pointless to bicker over whether the girls are aware they are being racist because they've obviously been raised by their mother to be intolerant of other races.

My entire family is white as far back as memory can find except for one case in which someone married a Cherokee Indian descendant. It would not offend me in anyway to enter a relationship with someone of a different race. It would not disturb any family members either. But just because we do not recognize race as being a deciding factor in whether a person is worth hanging around, doesn't mean I can't have pride in my race. I am proud to say I am white, there's nothing shameful about it. Just because some people screwed up back in the day doesn't mean I should be held responsible for their actions.

People like to claim they are not racist. But the fact that it is still recognized as a physical/filial feature says that racism is not gone completely. Just by acknowledging that another person has a different tone to their skin is a small form of racism. It proves we're not colorblind in the end. Tragic, but true.

I can't blame Lynx or Lamb Gaede for being racist unless they are completely aware that the people they revere took some very wrong paths and hurt a great many people of many different races. We are all raised to believe certain things, it is up to us in the end however, to decide what we want to believe. I was raised to be colorblind while others are raised to be quite prideful of their race and intolerant of others. To eliminate racism, we must remove all borders that hold us back from completely intermingling with each other. No more percentages of each race required at job sites, no more big talk over the accomplishment of having a man of color as the president. If we are truly colorblind and racism free, we would not even recognize that Obama is indeed a man of colorful descent.

Read before commenting.... | Reviewer: White Power 411 | 10/23/08

Females, white females realizing who they are. We are all different. Let me tell you something, many do not know. You want to talk about "Black history" month, about the accomplishments of the "black man". Do you realize, that we as Americans, black and white celebrate a NATIONAL HOLIDAY created by Hitler himself? No, not his birthday for all you potheads(4/20). '16 December 1938' Hitler made a decree, he wanted to strengthen the family ties and that of the German(white) race. He made the "Mother's Cross" Money was paid for each child born. There were 3 classes of the Cross. Bronze for having 1-5 children, Silver for having 6-7, and the Gold for having 8 or more. Crazy I know! The first award ever given was 21 May 1939. Awards were rendered only on 'Mothering Sunday' (Mothers Day) the second Sunday in May. So before you go all ballistic and holy on something you don't fully understand, actually know your history. Why don't we have a White History month? I mentiond it while in high school, I was sent up for being a "racist". Well, if me standing up for my race and wanting to keep it white and pure, and have a national celebrated month makes me a racist, by all means. I'm one of the biggest ones. I commend these young women for standing up to everyone. So if you hate rasicm and Hitler, better start banning Mother's Day! Kind adelt die Mutter'!!! (The child ennobles the mother)

sympathy | Reviewer: \\\\\ | 4/13/08

i feel so sorry for these girls... they've been quite brainwashed by their mom...i saw this documentary about them where the mom was teaching one of them ABC and she said A is for Aryan...i was like.whoa woman! how are these girls gonna survive in this world where ppl are actually aware of the fact that skin colour is just like being tall or can a mother do this to her own kids... i wont be surprised if they have a mental break down when they are finally on their own...and to think hitler was a heroe?!?! arent they old enough to use their brain?

Equality is needed | Reviewer: here for equality | 2/14/08

Look i have looked at these lyrics and i dont understand it is great to have pride of your own race but why discriminate against others. The lord put us on this earth with many diferences-- skinny, fat, black,white,brown,pale, long hair shor hair different everything. But what isnt different is our blood that we have in the inside all of our bodies are run the sameway so why discriminate against others just because they are alittle bit darker than yourselves and have alittle bit kinkier darker hair. It not right and for these young females to be put into a society like that it sucks you have the right to have pride but dont discriminte others.

White Power | Reviewer: Miss 88 | 2/3/08

I think this song, is a great song in fact. It's basically saying that if white men won't fight to save our race from extintion then, us women && children will. If white men are too pussy, then we women will show them that we don't want our white race to end. we already live in a world where is yer white && PROUND you get diminshed because yer a racist. Well all i gotta say about that is, I AM WHITE && DAMN PROUND OF MY RACE && WILL DO ANYTHING TO SAVE IT FROM BEING MIXED WITH OTHER BLOODS.

not_a_racist_but_a_realist | Reviewer: scott | 11/20/07

I'm not racist in any way shape or form, but these girls have a right to speak of what they believe. You've got blacks degrading white men and women in their songs...but where are all the people that are quick to throw the racist label on white people? Blacks are just as racist as whites, if not moreso because they can get away with it! Noone wants to label the black man a racist. That will get Jesse Jackson on yo' ass.

As I stated, I am not anywhere near a racist. But if we are going to let one race get away with racism, we should let them all get away with it. If not, stop ALL racism...and not hone in on only white people for speaking their mind.

Freakin Racists | Reviewer: NON_RACIST_PERSON | 10/18/07

youthofthenation, you're racist. I agree with white pride and everything, yeah, people have the right to express their opinions and be proud of their race, but saying about how their race is supeior and that all the other races are stupid or w/e, that's taking it a little too far. Freedom of speech though. And everyone, even racists, have the right to express opinions. Even if non-racist people like me disagree with them. But black pride month doesn't celebrate how great their race is and that all other races are inferior, but instead, reconises their race and everything it has brought to history.
All I'm going to say is, I think all you racist hitler-loving people should really stop being racist and narrowminded and stay openminded about everyone and the world.

GREAT!!!!! | Reviewer: youthofthenation | 10/14/07

I love this two young, bright girls that were raised right. They have pride, and I don't see why people have a problem with this. It's ok to have black pride, brown pride, or whatever you want as long as you don't have WHITE PRIDE? What kind of world are we living in? Everyone lets rapers say whatever they want but you have to fing young women saying it's ok to be white and now people get upset? I say keep up the good work and stay proud!!!

RACISTS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

It IS hidden propaganda. How can you live with so much hate surrounding you? Skin pigment doesn't make you any different in personality to someone else! It's how you were brought up, and your surroundings.

Wrong over WHITE? Who cares what colour skin you have? As long as you don't spread hate like this, no matter what colour skin you have, you are surely going to be as "great" as a "white" man.