Hate Albums

  • Awakening Of The Liar Album (9/26/2003)
    Anti-God Extremity
    Close To The Nephilim
    Immolate The Pope
    The Shround (A Hellish Value)
    The Scrolls
    Awakening Of The Liar
    Serve God, Rely On Me (Hymn Of Asal'el)
    Grail In The Flesh
    Spirit Of Gospa

  • Cain's Way Album (7/23/2001)
    And The Sin Becomes
    Sectarian Murder
    The Fifth Eternally Despised
    Through Hate To Eternity
    Shame Of The Creator
    Resurrected But Failed
    Cain's Way
    Holy Dead Trinity
    Future Is Mayhem
    From Cain To Cadmon

  • Holy Dead Trinity Album (4/10/2001)
    Holy Dead Trinity
    No Life After Death
    God Overslept
    The Kill
    Share Your Blood With Daemon
    World Has To Die
    Dead And Mistified
    Enter The Hell
    Lord Is Avenger
    Paradise As Lost
    Pagan Triumph
    Satan's Horde

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