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Muse Hate This & I'll Love You Lyrics

Last updated: 11/23/2010 10:00:00 AM

Oh I am growing tired,
Of allowing you to steal,
Everything I have, you're making me feel,
Like I was born to service you,
But I am growing by the hour.

You left us far behind,
So we all discard our souls.
And blaze through your skies,
So unafraid to die.

Cos I was born to destroy you,
And I am growing by the hour.
I'm getting strong in every way, yeah. Yeah.

You led me on, you led me on, you...

Oh, and I'm getting strong in every way,
yeah, Yeah

Thanks to Melanie for submitting Hate This & I'll Love You Lyrics.

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xx | Reviewer: Fillip Cave | 11/23/10

this is for toxic nightmare yes that is relating to a song i tend to do that with every muse song thats why i love them soooooo much and this song is quite peaceful and it may be short but it has a whole lot of meaning xxx

Pure Awesomeness. | Reviewer: toXic_nightmaRe | 9/17/10

i love this song. i thought of something straight away when i heard this. does this mean i can relate to it? i dont really know, but what we all do know, is that this is a really great song. lovelovelove it (:

Pure gold | Reviewer: Mursu | 8/15/07

Simple but captivating, true Muse. Love Matt's voice. And they're coming to Finland! I'm so going to be there.